Wabi – a lovely, foodie experience!

One of the great things about London is that the restaurant scene is ever changing. Wabi launched it’s London restaurant before Christmas and I have been wanting to go ever since. They had great reviews so my expectations were high.

The head chef is Scott Hallsworth, ex Nobu chef and the write ups have been very good. Heading there the other day I could not wait to try it. The menu has a range of interesting looking combinations and flavors.

The door is very discreet in Holborn, I almost walked past it at first. Once inside you are enveloped in a lovely  and luxurious feeling, being so well looked after as soon as you open the door to go inside!

I arrived just a minute before my lunch date so we went straight to the table. The menu is amazing and I had checked it out online beforehand but this time I just sat back and didn’t interfere with the ordering at all.

We ended up with a brilliant selection and the pictures talk for themselves!

Tuna Nigiri30JanTunaNigiri

California roll 30JanCaliforniaRoll

Another nigiri (delicious)30JanNigiri

Prawn nigiri 30JanPrawnNigiri

King crab 30JanKingCrab

Hamachi rolls 30JanHamachiRoll

We had lovely and fresh wine to go with it Sauvignon Blanc de Touraine, Loupart 2011.

After this we decided to go for a second round and ordered some more dishes. It was all sharing and I love to pick, talk and just enjoy a meal!

Soba ‘Pancakes’ with King Crab, Avocado, Yuzu Mayo & Puffed Soba – this was absolutely gorgeous. It was full of soft flavors and the puffed wheat was just amazing.30JanSobaPancake

Prawn Tempura with Kimchee Mayo and Kimchee, what is there to say, just a delight, especially with the crispy noodles.


Quail Kara-Age with Yuzu Kosho Mayo & Pickled Pumpkin. Soft quail with lovely spices.


In all it was an amazing meal, Wabi did love up to my high expectations. The food was fab and beautifully presented and it was one of those meals I will remember for a long time!

2 Responses to “Wabi – a lovely, foodie experience!”
  1. csgcecchi says:

    Yum. We are moving to Holborn next month. We’ll have to check this out. Pancakes with king crab look very interesting…

    • petra08 says:

      ah this is a great Holborn addition! I recommend it! 🙂 still have not been able to figure out if I can puff my own buckhwheat!

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