10 Greek Steet, maybe the best risotto ever?!

Great food always makes me smile. there isn’t always a need to go to very expensive restaurants and have large tasting menus, 10 Greek Street is great and it is just my type of place!

I went there with a friend and he gave me strict instructions to not be late. We grabbed a couple of seats at the back by the bar looking in to the kitchen – brilliant!


There was a lot of action in the kitchen and the food that came out was oh so nice!

We talked a lot about food, cooking, unusual ingredients and fine wines whilst eating, always having a bit of a challenge “what would you cook with” or “what 3 ingredients could you not live without” and, well you know what I mean. He is one of the few I can truly talk food to and we never seem to stop!

First out was fried baby squid01FebBabySquid

Sprouting broccoli with hazelnuts and chilli


Smoked mackerel with fennel, it had just the right smokiness and it was so soft and gorgeous. I can’t believe mackerel has been taken off the list of sustainable fish! There should be plenty to buy line caught mackerel still.


We ordered a Burrata, it came with a tiny preaching from my friend “this stuff will kill you”, however that did not stop me from eating most of it with a smile. I came across burrata for the first time last year when visiting my friends in Italy, it is like a wonderfully soft mozarella, it just melts in your mouth. I still haven’t found anywhere I can buy them, if you know if a place let me know!


We finished with what is most likely the best risotto I have ever eaten. I do love truffle and the aroma just hit me when the plate was placed in front of me was amazing. It was a wild mushroom and truffle risotto with just a dollop of burrata. I adore cheese but in this case I have to admit that it would have been just as nice without the burrata. With or without the cheese it was delicious.


The dishes were quite small but enough to share, delicious, perfect with the bustling kitchen producing one gorgeous looking dish after another, the only dish I really wish I had ordered was the pork belly but by the time I saw, and smelled it, I was already full!

Our conclusion was that slow cooking is great, the blender is both out most used kitchen tool and we could not live without eggs, salt and pepper! A very productive meal!

If you are up for lunch in Soho, 10 Greek Street is a great bet!


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