Al Boccon di vino – an Italian eat fest

I have been intrigued to come here ever since it opened but I have not managed to book a table in this small and intimate Italian Richmond based restaurant. It looks very traditional from the outside and I finally got to book a table at Al Boccon di vino for a Sunday lunch! we didn’t quite know what to expect but were in for a nice surprise.

The decor inside is just what you imagine from an Italian restaurant dedicated to plentiful and good food. There is no menu and there is no rush. We spent a good few hours there and ate our way through the delicious food that came out of the kitchen.


There was a choice between red or white wine and we opted for a bottle of warming red. Out came a bottle of robust but still light Valpolicella. We liked it so much we managed to drink two bottles between us!


As we only had a very light breakfast we could not resist a nibble of the bread and olives served with thin slices of salami.



This was followed by soup 03FebSoup

There was time between each course, the place was packed with a great atmosphere!

After the soup I can’t remember the exact order but it was time for fish and seafood.  First out was a ceviche of white fish with truffle oil.


Razor clam 03FebRazonClams

Prawns 03FebPrawns

and scallops 03FebScallops

Artichoke with a tangy dressing (yes we did eat some before I remembered to take a pic!)03FebArtichoke

Everything came in just bite sized portions and that was a good thing as there was still quite a lot to come.

Next up was ravioli 03FebRavioli

And aubergine parmigiana with a delicious bruschetta03FebBrucetta&Aubergine

There was slivers of parma ham 03FebParmaHam

Delicious beef rolls (I am not sure about the name of the dish) cooked in tomato sauce, served with stuffed zuchini.


After this Ricardo, chef and owner stood up and made an especially warm welcome to everyone that had come to celebrate their birthday and it was almost one person at every table!


I was staring to feel very full at this point and there was a break before the main course, a slow roast whole lamb! Despite feeling so full I could not help but dig in and enjoy the lamb, so tender it fell off the bone and melted in my mouth!


This was the last of the savory courses, it was time for a digestive in the shape of grappa


And a trio of desserts!

“Doughnuts” 03FebDoughnuts

Panacotta and fresh berries 03FebPannacotta

Plump cherries with a brownie 03Febcherries&Brownies

After this I did not even have room for a coffee! It was a great experience, just like a Sunday lunch should be. Even if the restaurant was full of other diners we didn’t know it felt a bit like a bustling family dinner where no one is in a hurry and everyone is there to enjoy food and good wine, the way it should be!

It is a great place for celebrating any occasion but do arrive hungry! We tried to book it for when we have far away friends visiting but there was nothing until June so hurry up!

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