Cured salmon with brown shrimp and a citrus coleslaw

I am not much for browsing around the supermarket but sometimes I do find some interesting things. This weeks find was some “exotic” citrus, very small little citrus fruits. They have quite a lot of pips but the whole fruit is edible and I just had to buy some as they, well, are so cute!


Citrus and fish is always a good combination so after that I headed for the fish counter to get some salmon as well. I read about comfit fish and thought I might have a try, or that was my ambition from the beginning.

I decided to cure the salmon, I didn’t have any dill (traditional) but I had some fresh thyme that I used instead, I sometimes use this when poach salmon and it is a very nice combination. I had only about 26 hours but thought why not. I turned the salmon over after half time and it did come out very nice even as it was.

From the allotment we got some delicious cabbage, it was so nice and tender still! I just had to use it. One of my favourite things is coleslaw and I wanted some crunch with the fish.

Citrus cabbage and asparagus coleslaw

  • the most tender parts of the cabbage head
  • 6 asparagus tips, raw and halved
  • 1 spring onion, sliced
  • 1 exotic citrus, sliced thinly and seeds removed
  • enough mayo to dress the veg
  • salt and pepper to taste if necessary

I make mayonnaise using rapeseed oil as it has a more neutral flavour than olive oil, for this I wanted the cabbage flavour to really come through. I mixed everything in a bowl and set aside.


I had some brown shrimp that I wanted with the salmon. I toasted some pistachio nuts and set aside. I then melted some butter and added cayenne pepper, the roughly chopped pistachio nuts and the juice from ½ a fresh lemon. Just before serving I added the brown shrimp and let it gently warm through.

I took the larger cabbage leaves and steamed them for a few minutes with the asparagus stems and placed the cured, flash fried salmon on top and then poured the brown shrimp butter over before serving. It wasn’t a low calorie meal but very delicious. The little citrus fruits in the coleslaw added a zing and lifted the dish.



I have entered this to Javelin Warriors Made with Love Mondays, all about cooking from scratch, always a great idea!


2 Responses to “Cured salmon with brown shrimp and a citrus coleslaw”
  1. This is so ambitious and I love the results! The salmon sounds delicious – I’ve never tried to cure salmon before, but love the use of thyme instead of dill… And the citrus slaw is so cool with the use of asparagus… Thanks so much for sharing!

    • petra08 says:

      thanks 🙂 it worked out quite well, I love the curing process, it is a little magic the way the flavor and texture change, still need to practice a bit more for the perfect balance, have tried a few different ratios of salt to sugar, almost there!

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