Nopi – an adventurous mix of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine

I love to go out and eat food I don’t cook myself. A friend of mine invited me to Nopi. I had never heard of it and reading the menu I could not quite determine what the cuisine was but it looked intriguing. I could see an Asian influence and it is clearly cross cuisine food.

The restaurant on Warwick Street is beautiful, very white and bright but still very inviting, maybe there is something Scandinavian about it that appeals to me with all that white.


I could easily have tried a small bite of everything, the flavour combinations are unusual and I was curious how they work together. We started with a nibble on crudités with a lime and avocado yoghurt. Crispy veg and light yoghurt.


We could easily have eaten more but there was more to come. Reading the menu I had to order the scallop. The dish says scallop, bramley apple, pork floss and chilli jam – my curiosity told me I had to try it!

It was visually a stunner! The scallops cooked to perfection and the the harmony of flavors was there but perhaps ever so slightly restrained. I would have used more of the pork and made the apple sauce slightly more tart but this is only very minor observations and it was delicious.


For mains I opted for twice cooked baby chicken, lemon myrtle salt and chilli sauce. I actually forgot to ask what the two cooking methods were but it was delicious, the skin was crispy, the barbecue sauce had a perfect tang but again, perhaps the chilli sauce could have had more of a bite, I had to check it as I thought it was a sweet pepper sauce but very yummy.


It was a great lunch, loads of catching up to do and the portions are perfect in size for me! I even had some room for dessert and well, we still had things to talk about so why not! I ordered the pomegranate mess. It was one of the prettiest desserts I have ever had! I don’t usually have a big sweet tooth but I did eat every single morsel of this one and loved every bite! The crunch from the pomegranate seeds was perfect with the rich cream and the sweet meringue and the cool sorbet.


I would be happy to come back and even have the same meal again (but that would be a shame as the menu looks very interesting!). The presentation of the food is stunning as well as the taste, perhaps just a tiny more umph! on the flavors and the food would really pop!

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