Lamb two ways and asparagus for Easter

I had some time to think about what to cook for Easter last week. I had been away for quite some time with little or no time to cook so I was really looking forward to making an Easter dinner. I went to Robson’s Butcher to get my meat already on Thursday and how lucky … Continue reading

Egg wrapped salmon and bacon hash

I saw a whole salmon at the fishmongers yesterday and it had a great price. I went there to get some salmon fillets but after some debate decided to go for a whole salmon. The fishmonger kindly cut it up for me and All I did was remove the skin and the pin bones. I … Continue reading

French/Italian influence in Barrio Gotico

Barcelona is a city blessed with culture and good food. There are some industrial sized churches that makes some factories in Magnitogorsk seem small and that says something! We only got a peak in this one but went to see the cathedral. It was very impressive, no expenses spared and a wonderful building. The ceiling height is … Continue reading

Lunch on the Barcelona beach

We woke up and the first thing I noticed was the blue sky. There wasn’t much time to loose, I couldn’t wait to go outside and start exploring! We had a quick breakfast and went off towards the beaches. The forecast said that there might be rain later in the week so we headed to … Continue reading

I want to buy my food at La Bocceria

A while back we decided to go away for a few days. Last year the heatwave was just about over but this year, the weather has been miserable. We didn’t want to go too far, but we did want some nice weather. After much debate and changing our minds Spain came up a winner. We … Continue reading

Butternut squash dip

I tried on a pair of trousers the other day and have to admit that they were a bit tight. I hate when that happens and thought perhaps I should change my diet a bit and eat more veg. I love to snack and it is so often some cheese and a handful of grapes. The other … Continue reading

Inspired by Irish stew on St Patrick’s day

I don’t have any Irish ties at all except some Irish friends but I felt inspired to make an Irish stew on St Patrick’s day! I am not sure I have ever set out to cook Irish foods before so I had to do some research online. It seemed that Irish stew is a little like Swedish … Continue reading

A twist on a chicken and mash dinner

No matter how much I love to travel, it is always lovely to come back! Cooking something with familiar flavors always feels a little like homecoming. This time I had a bit of a strange request but it made me smile. Chicken with mash and baked beans. I had cleared the fridge before we left … Continue reading

A very Swedish foodie affair – part two the meats and a chocolate cake to die for!

I have to be honest and say I did pig out on the food and tasted all the fish! It was all delicious but I was conscious that I still had to leave room for the meat that looked no less delicious. Looking at the others we all seemed to have the same idea and went for … Continue reading

A very Swedish foodie affair – part one the fish

There has been a bit of a hype about Scandinavian foods the past couple of years. Mostly done with a twist adding influences from various cuisines. We hosted a large party last weekend in Sweden and for this I wanted very Swedish foods. No twist, no influence from other cuisines (no matter how much I … Continue reading