I indulged myself at the charcuterie and cheese counter at Harrods

The other day I was on a shopping mission. It was one of those days when I knew what I wanted and found about half so not really satisfying I have to admit. I did however find myself popping in to (I was nearby) the Harrods food hall and that is always worth a look around. There is so much food to be seduced by and I gazed longingly at the smoked salmon, the caviar and well there are just too many things to even mention. My eyes took me to the charcuterie section and I had to buy some cold cut meats and cheese for a “pick & mix” dinner. It wasn’t cheap but so delicious and perfect as a treat and what better place to indulge?

I have a thing for truffle, I think, besides the taste, it is also the smell, pungent and inviting, there is something slightly luxurious about them! A Salumifico Mori, a black truffle salami made of wild boar caught my eye, the very helpful guy in the counter quickly offered a taste and another truffle salami, Black Truffle Salchichon for comparison. Needless to say I got some of both as they are both delicious!

A venison prosciutto seemed irresistible, the dark meat was very lean, each slice had so much flavour.


The last thing I got from the meat counter was boneless Serrano ham, it just melted on my tongue and it had that wonderful balance of salty and sweet at the same time!


After choosing the meats my friend and I headed for the cheese counter, that was right next to it where I saw burrata cheese. I have been looking for this for about a year (ok perhaps not hard enough) but never found it and there it was! I could see that it had my name on it! It is such a gorgeous cheese and best eaten with a spoon, a little oil, pepper and a citrus burst, perfect!


There was a cheese with truffle from Alsace, Petit Gres d’Alsace, creamy, quite firm and that nice truffle hit, delicious.  It is a soft ripened cheese made from raw milk with washed rind.


I had some feta cheese that I mixed with some low fat creme fraiche to make it spreadable. I grated some lemon zest over it and added some black pepper, perfect on bread or crackers.


A lovely and very strong roquefort made it’s was to our collection together with a Camembert style goats cheese. We all fell in love with a Brilliant Savarin, a cows milk cheese from Normandy. I have never tried it before, this one was very ripe but light as a feather and utterly delicious. We bought 1/4 of the cheese but left on my own with the cheese… well just as well that didn’t happen!

We bought some freshly baked ciabatta and crackers to go with all of this alongside some veg and sliced mango and opened the wines, one Voigner and one Pinot Noir, it was such a lovely evening and needless to say we did finish almost all of it!

Charcuterie board


Cheese board


I love the sharing food experience, when you can sit around the table and eat and drink. We had so much to catch up on, nothing less than a whole evening would have been enough!

4 Responses to “I indulged myself at the charcuterie and cheese counter at Harrods”
  1. How gorgeous. I admire your restraint! (I can’t be trusted with charcuterie and cheese!)

    • petra08 says:

      🙂 well, there was so much more I could have bought! Lovely place but thinks spent quite a lot anyway! 🙂

  2. Harrods food hall never disappoints. The Charcuterie is irresistible!

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