A very Swedish foodie affair – part two the meats and a chocolate cake to die for!

I have to be honest and say I did pig out on the food and tasted all the fish! It was all delicious but I was conscious that I still had to leave room for the meat that looked no less delicious. Looking at the others we all seemed to have the same idea and went for seconds, and in some cases even thirds!

The Royal Bachelors’ Club house has rooms that are full of atmosphere, deep window sills and everything is impeccably decorated. A vase filled with apples looked quirky and inviting in one of the windows.


There were two adorable sculptures that caught my eye in another window.


The whole place has beautiful flowers everywhere, there were the most vibrant roses on the buffet table reminding me of spring. The downside to having a party in Gothenburg, Sweden early March is just what I feared, it was icy cold and with winds that simply cuts through any layers of clothes! But once inside this is easy to forget!


When the buffet was set up I was a little surprised by this box, I wasn’t quite sure how it would be used or what for.


It did become clear to me when everything was served, it was table decorations! I loved the idea.

Each table had lovely flower arrangements, each one different.


After the fish and a short break we continued to the meat. It was all on a buffet and it could of course be eaten in any order according to likes but I started with the fish as I had been looking forward to this for weeks!

There was smoked reindeer P-SmokedReindeer

Smoked turkey P-SmokedTurkey

Sliced roast beef P-RoastBeef

Potato salad (very often served with sliced roast beef)


and a very delicious pate


At the every end of the buffet was the warm foods, chicken kebabs


Swedish meatballs and Swedish “prince sausages”, no buffet would be complete without it!


As well as potatoes Swedes also love their bread and every time I go home I am reminded of why! It is best eaten with butter slathered on top and sometimes, a naughty pinch of salt!

Thin Swedish crisp bread P-CrispBread

Soft white P-Bread

Dark bread, full of flavor P-DarkBread

After this we were all quite full. The wine was flowing and so was the conversation. This time we had a break. There were lots of friends I had not caught up with for a long time and it was lovely to see them.

A while later the coffee and the cake arrived. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I clearly remember talking about a chocolate cake. Out came a cake so gorgeous even I was almost drooling! It was a deeply rich chocolate mousse cake. It tasted sinfully good and I did wonder if I would ever be able to replicate this on my own! It might be a wise thing if I can’t as it would most likely make me gain weight as I can see myself scoffing the remains down in the fridge light when I can’t sleep late at night and am obsessing about this cake! Hat off to the chef, the cake and the food was exceptional! Also a big thank you to all the staff who made our event so special!


The whole evening, all the food and the cake could not have been better! Everyone (at least they said so to me) enjoyed themselves. Thank you to everyone that came and to the Royal Bachelors Society Club for a great evening!

6 Responses to “A very Swedish foodie affair – part two the meats and a chocolate cake to die for!”
  1. You would have to roll me out of this place! Smoked reindeer sounds amazing!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Caroline

      I did eat so much the dress was quite tight! Obviously counter measured by more wine so I didn’t think about it but all worth it!

  2. I wrote this several times on your blog: I love Sweden and I like Scandinavian food. The breads are ALWAYS amazing and interesting.

  3. That chocolate cake is quite spectacular! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jacqueline
      It was so amazing, I am actually thinking about trying to make something similar, perhaps over Easter! It was a great party, just went too quickly!

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