I want to buy my food at La Bocceria

A while back we decided to go away for a few days. Last year the heatwave was just about over but this year, the weather has been miserable. We didn’t want to go too far, but we did want some nice weather. After much debate and changing our minds Spain came up a winner. We decided to go to Barcelona, we have been there before but if the weather is nice there are beaches, the hotel has a rooftop pool and if the weather is bad, there is plenty to see and eat! I arrived with a list longer than my arm of restaurants and tapas bars worthy of a visit!

The first thing we noticed was the clear blue sky! I can’t even remember a sky without clouds lurking somewhere, getting ready to rain, snow or send hail your way! This felt like such a treat!


Eager to make the most of the day but not being in a hurry after dropping our bags at the hotel we headed to La Bocceria, one of the most fantastic food markets I have been to. I decided that I could move to Barcelona just so that I could come here and do my daily shopping, that would be something! There was something delicious looking everywhere and food for all tastes!

Fruit and veg in plenty Barcelona_Bocceria_Fruit&Veg

Lots and lots of dried chilies and spices for sale



Exotic mushrooms Barcelona_Bocceria_mushrooms

Sausages and Jamon



Fish in plenty and all kinds

Sea urchinsBarcelona_Bocceria_SeaUrchin

A very tiny fish called Sonos, I don’t know how they cook it


Fishes that looked slightly like ancient sea monsters Barcelona_Bocceria_Fish

Plenty of squid Barcelona_Bocceria_Squid

I also saw something that I don’t know what it is, they looked like tiny oysters and I would have loved to cook something with them. Perhaps in a salted broth with white wine, smoked paprika, some chopped garlic and fresh herbs.


There was plenty of sweets in different shapes



Churros con Miel, I should have bought some as I have never seen them before and am curious how they taste (besides honey)


Plenty of stalls selling fruits and nuts Barcelona_Bocceria_Nuts

We had a quick lunch there and after this assault on the foodie senses we went for a walk on Las Ramblas, just taking it all in. It was about 20 degrees and sunshine and t-shirt and jeans was perfect, such luxury!


It was a funny mix of locals in their winter jackets and well, us sun and warmth starved tourists in short sleeves! After having had an early start we headed back to the hotel, adapted to local customs and had a siesta, the holiday had started.

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