Lunch on the Barcelona beach

We woke up and the first thing I noticed was the blue sky. There wasn’t much time to loose, I couldn’t wait to go outside and start exploring! We had a quick breakfast and went off towards the beaches. The forecast said that there might be rain later in the week so we headed to the beaches and the aquarium. They have a large aquarium that we wanted to visit. They had some very peculiar sea creatures but also an impressive walk through with sharks and funny looking sting rays.


Some fishes looked very unique.


I found this seahorse that looked absolutely amazing.


After all the exploration and a long walk along the beach it was time for lunch. We came across Xup Xup and could not resist grabbing a seat in the sunshine, order some wine and tapas and watch the world go by!


It was funny, we saw a couple that were more a type than anything else. I am sure you might have seen them as well when traveling. They were not happy with anything, they changed seats 3 times, too much sunshine, too little sunshine, too windy (there were seats inside). After that they were not happy with the drink, well she wasn’t and had it sent back for a new one. Her husband seemed to consume his drink quite quickly and when her second one came, he got another one. Their food came and there was something wrong with it, I could not hear the exact details except something like “this is not how they serve it at our local pub at home”. Here it was time to zoom out but I always wonder why they make the trouble to travel, perhaps except for the weather.

Our food arrived, at first Catalan bread, rubbed with tomato and drizzled with olive oil.


Jamon croquetas


This is the only place I have seen salt cod fritters and they were delicious!


They came with a tomato jam and Tabasco, salty, sweet and hot at the same time.


It was so relaxing to sit in the gentle breeze and enjoy the sunshine. We had some more wine, listened to the street musicians and enjoyed the warm sun.

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