French/Italian influence in Barrio Gotico

Barcelona is a city blessed with culture and good food. There are some industrial sized churches that makes some factories in Magnitogorsk seem small and that says something!


We only got a peak in this one but went to see the cathedral. It was very impressive, no expenses spared and a wonderful building.

The ceiling height is massive


I can see the priests having their ceremonies here Barcelona_Catherdral_Chairs

We did quite well following the list of tapas bars and restaurants I had made but this time we just felt like lunch and my love of cheese made  restaurant names Cheese Me seem irresistible. It was one of our few diversions from the Spanish cuisine as I would say this place was Mediterranean more than anything and a bit of a mix between Spanish, French and Italian.


After a lot of fish and meat I felt like something green and opted for a Cesar salad, it was served slightly unusual but it was delicious.


The tomato and mozzarella salad was equally delicious.


After the salad I had some beef carapaccioBarcelona_CheeseMe_Carpaccio

My date had steak, it was perfectly seasoned and cooked.


For dessert we only managed some fruit.


After that a coffee, some pacharan and people watching was the perfect way to spend a couple of lunchtime hours. I adore the unrushed way of life but guess it is part of the holiday charm.

2 Responses to “French/Italian influence in Barrio Gotico”
  1. Robert jones says:

    I love this blog Petra I follow it religiously!

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