Perfect Catalan Gastronomy

One of the top places I really wanted to go when in Barcelona was the restaurant Abac. It has 2 Michelin stars and was awarded The Best Restaurant 2011 in Catalonia by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy. They are also famous for their suckling pig and we were lucky to get a table.

Before setting off the hotel staff assured us that it was an about 10 minute taxi ride, no more so we left about 20 minutes early, just to be sure. Our taxi driver drove, and drove and drove, out of Barcelona and heading for the mountains. After 25 minutes we asked and only got an “arriva arriva” as a comment. After 35 minutes with no luck communicating even with correct Spanish he then tried to make us get out of his taxi, up a mountain next to a lonely hotel with the wrong name and tried to claim that the restaurant was inside the hotel on the back. No way this was right but a lovely concierge got us sorted, explained to the taxi driver when he didn’t want to understand when I asked him, to re set his meter and drive us to the correct address. We arrived 45 minutes late but the concierge had called and explained and we were greeted at the door, given a glass of vintage and delicious cava and after a few deep breaths we were there!


It is a beautiful environment, calm and created to simply adore the beautiful food.


Even the plate settings were beautiful. Barcelona_Abac_Plate

After the cava we had a beautiful amuse bouche, a rum cocktail with infused sugar cane. By this time the horrible taxi journey was all forgotten and all attention was on the food.


We ordered a bottle of Spanish Pinot Noir to go with the food. It had a light but slightly fortified quality, delicious!


There was another apetizer, I don’t know how it was created but it just melted in my mouth. It was a shot of onion consomme and on top was the thinnest wafer with foie gras that just melted in my mouth!


I don’t eat a lot of bread but this bread, with butter was so delicious I just had to eat it!

Muesli bread

Apricot bread Barcelona_Abac_ApricotBread

We didn’t go for the tasting menu, I knew I wanted the suckling pig and despite being tempted by the tasting menu I knew I had to order it and went for a starter and a main course.

We ordered one Gnocci with truffle, it was like nothing I have ever had before, light as a feather and sublime. I just wish that all gnocci was like this!


I went for egg yolk served in two services with potato’s Parmentier and rocket lettuce, Iberians with nuts, truffle, mushrooms and Parmigiano. The first of my starters came out and something magic happened. I actually got goose bumps eating it, it wasn’t just fantastic, it was an experience!


The flavors just danced on my tongue and I could not stop eating until every single morsel was gone. Had it not been such a fantastic restaurant I could easily have licked the plate! It was in singular the most amazing dish I have ever eaten!

The second part of the starter was no less impressive and and the combination of truffle and egg is wonderful.


After this we had another small dish of candied tomatoes, a perfect bite and like everything else, so delicious.


The wine went down very well and was perfect with the food.


After a small break the main course arrived, Iberian suckling pig with earlet juice, mango, black olive and almond with curry. It had a beautiful crispy , thin skin and meat so soft we could have eaten it with a spoon! It was cooked for 24 hours with apricots.



I ate as much as I could but sadly had to leave some in the end and had I been going home and not back to a hotel I would have taken the rest home with me! No matter how embarrassing it would have been to ask for a doggy bag! It was lovely, no rush, just the most amazing food, lovely wine and great company!

After the main course we had a small dish to cleanse the pallets with sorbet of tangerine


We were quite full but decided to share a dessert, under icing pickled lemon, yogurt snow, crunchy biscuit, flowers nectar and violet ice-cream. It was one of the most beautiful dishes I have seen.


After that we had white chocolate with olive oil


“Sorbet” lipsticks, delicious


And no matter how full we were we also had the last delicious pieces.


It was everything I expected and more, fantastic foods, delicious beyond description and a wonderful experience. This was my last thought when I fell asleep and my first thought when I woke up the next day!

2 Responses to “Perfect Catalan Gastronomy”
  1. Magda says:

    Oh wow, looks amazing, yummy! Also, your pictures are so good , like proper professional ones!

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