Pinxtos, the perfect snack – Barcelona

Whilst walking around on the small streets in Barrio Gothico we stumbled across a little bar serving pinxto, food on a stick, typically served in the north of Spain. There are a couple in London and one in Soho that I have been to not too long ago. This one is a sister of the London one (I can’t remember the name) and they serve an impressive array of pinxtos and some very nice red wines! Very happy we settled in for our snack at the bar, Bilbao Berria, the only problem was to choose what pinxtos to have!


All the sticks were placed in a “stick holder” and the waiter came to count them when we were ready to settle the bill. I did have to use to restraint as we were having dinner later but we managed a few! The doors were wide open and the fresh air, the endless pinxtos and glasses of red wine made the whole experience slightly unreal as I was getting text messages from friends talking about the snow storms and very cold weather! I felt very lucky!


The pinxtos displayed an almost endless imagination from the chef!

A mini croissant filled with tuna Barcelona_BilbaoBerria_Tuna

Spicy sausage and zucchini in a stick Barcelona_BilbaoBerria_Sausage

Burger like green buns with goats cheese


Crab and Prawn Barcelona_BilbaoBerria_Prawn

Patatas bravas with super crispy potatoes and a slightly spicy sauce Barcelona_BilbaoBerria_PatatasBravas

My favorite was smoked ham, a pimiento pardon and a fried quails egg. I love just about anything with quails eggs and this was no exception! Barcelona_BilbaoBerria_QuailEgg

After this and a few glasses of vino tinto (excellent house wine) we headed back to the hotel rooftop for a pre dinner siesta. We caught the last of the sunshine and had to go to dinner with slightly red, from the sun, faces! I bet we looked like the travelers who arrived last with the tell tale sign of slight sunburn but it was so lovely.


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