The wine and the women at Parés Baltà, Catalonia part II

I woke up after my snooze just as we were getting close to the winery, Parés Baltà, the last stop on our journey. I have never been to a winery on a tour before so I was very excited. The first thing that got my attention was that the vineyards around the Parés Baltà building were so green, a stark contrast to some of their neighbors where the ground was soil bare.


There were quite a lot of nationalities on the tour, some from the very North of Sweden where it was -15C, a group of Russians, the loudest of them all and mainly talking to each other  when our guide spoke a bit louder so we could all hear the group of Russians followed suit and simply spoke even louder, in Russian. There was a group of Spaniards who had arrived on their bikes, having a guys few days “off”. Our guide had genuine passion for the land and for the wines. It turned out that the wines are made by women here, and some of the wines have women’s names.



As we walked around outside our guide explained how they grow and create their bio dynamic wines and cava. It was fascinating and so much I did not know about the whole process. I loved the smell of wood everywhere and I was stunned to know how much some wine barrels cost and for how few years they are useful for the winery.


Exactly 12 meters below they store their cava. The space below has a high humidity and there were lots and lots of bottles.


After the tour we went to the room for wine tasting. We had some cheese and local sausage to go with the wine.


We tried a variety of wines, my absolute favorite was the Cava but the Mas Irene, a red, was fantastic. The winery has a long history, having been run by the same family since the 18th century  Joan took us through a couple of wines and the philosophy and the warmth from his personality was present in the winery.


The Russians looked unimpressed  and left as soon as they could but I could see how the rest of use were thinking of how many bottles we could fit in the suitcase and bring home, myself included. I bought some wine but regret that I didn’t buy any cava, it was just delicious.

After the wine tour and tasting we climbed in to the car and it was time to head back to Barcelona. We arrived back at the hotel after an adventurous day, the breakfast, the monastery  the long and lazy lunch and the beautiful wines, 10 house later. It was a long time but the day went so fast! Feliciano knew so much and we felt that we had fallen a little in love with Catalonia! Thank you Feliciano for an absolutely wonderful day out!

4 Responses to “The wine and the women at Parés Baltà, Catalonia part II”
  1. I would love to go on a cellar tour, even better in lovely Spain.

    • petra08 says:

      it was such a great winery! And the cava was delicious, I should have bought some of their 3,000 bottles! 🙂

  2. K Donkey says:

    I love cava, actually dare I say I prefer it to champagne. I also believe they keep the best cava in Spain as it tastes much better than what they export – or maybe it’s because I’m holiday and enjoying it more :-)….still don’t understand why you did buy any. Looks great and glad you had a good time, apart from the loud ones 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      Oh I was just being silly not buying the cava, or it could have something to do with the fact that I had already picked 4 other bottles, a mix of red and whites! Honestly it was so delicious and I completely agree that I prefer it to champagne! It was a great tour and am glad I went!

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