A bit of San Sebastian in London at Donostia

Good food always tastes better with a good wine and to make the food taste even better, add some friends to share it with. Two of our friends bought us a wonderful present, a voucher to a restaurant that they love and we could not go there without them so the four of us meet up for a great meal. The restaurant is called Donostia, and this means San Sebastian in Basque. San Sebastian is very high up on my bucket list, a foodie mecca, studded with an amazing 13 shiny Michelin stars! Perhaps I shall start a special piggy bank named San Sebastian. However one of the beautiful things about London is that it is possible to get virtually any cuisine, and very high end at that. Donostia is, as the name will promise brings Basque cuisine, a little bit of San Sebastian, to London.

The restaurant feels fresh and modern and the kitchen is open plan so it is possible to watch the chefs prepare the food in what may seem like an impossibly small space, but it works!


The place was buzzing and we started the evening with a bottle of a full bodied Pasanau.


The food came tapas style and we shared the dishes. The first thing we had was a plate of delicious Jamon.


We were suggested to order the special of the day, ceps, or mushrooms. It came in 2 different versions and was so delicious.

The first one was ceps, pan fried with an egg yolk.


The second part was ceps with an egg yolk and foie gras shavings, it took the dish to the next step and was just delicious.


Cod cheeks Pil Pil was smooth sauce with a hint of chilli and nuggets of cod, very good!


The Octupus in a Basque marinade went down a treat


There are of course Pinxtos on the menu and a little mini Wagyu beef burger was great, and cooked medium just the way burgers should be!


We also had some pimientos padron


and about here we switched to a new wine, a much lighter wine, they import all of their own wine.


We ordered a steak and it was cooked to perfection


The slow cooked shoulder of pork was served with Romesco sauce. It was the most delicious Romesco sauce I have ever eaten and no matter how many times it inspired me to go home and make some again but I believe I need to practice and perfect it and it might take some time.


Last but not least, we had some triple cooked chips and after that there was simply no room for anything more than to finish the last of the wine and talk some more.


It was a great evening, the staff was superb and makes you feel so welcome, the food is great, I am no expert on Basque cuisine but it tastes like Spain!

4 Responses to “A bit of San Sebastian in London at Donostia”
  1. sebbyholmes says:

    Nice review Petra. Just looking at your photos is making me hungry. I am based in East Dulwich so not too far away. I will have to get myself there for some food. Thanks for the review – great work.


    • petra08 says:

      hi Sebbyholmes

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Am glad you like it, it is well worth a visit and the cod cheeks and the ceps/mushrooms were my absolute favorites!

  2. Dear Friends,

    We loved our first diner at Donostia. Food and service were excellent, wine heavenly.
    All looking forward to the next social occasion.

    Many thanks and happy anniversary !

    Alexander Marjanovic

    • petra08 says:

      hi Alexander

      I agree it is a great restaurant! Lovely food and wine, and yes, can’t wait for the next social occasion! 🙂

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