Food on the road and a healthy-ish version of bangers & mash

I sometimes travel for work. It is not as much now as it used to be but still some. One of the challenges I find is food. It is so easy to fall in to the trap of eating foods that are not the best. I tend to grab whatever is quick and easy to carry, possible to eat with one hand so I can carry my handbag/laptop/suitcase with the other. Today I had a meeting in another city so I decided to document my “food” day and it wasn’t too bad, actually much better than normal.

I had breakfast on the train, smoked salmon and scramble eggs on toast. It was just the right amount and a good breakfast washed down with a cup of tea.


The meeting was excellent and after that I had a couple of hours before heading off again and it was time to have lunch, believe it or not. I spotted an Italian and decided to have lunch there.

I started with bruschetta


and followed with pasta


When I got home I wanted bangers and mash, again comfort food but also quick and easy, perfect week night food.

The sausages comes from Robson’s Butchers, one of my favourites is pork and white pepper but we had a few different ones. I cooked the sausages in the oven and boiled the potatoes and I then started on the onion gravy, you can read the recipe here, it is so easy to make and takes no time at all.

I chopped some spinach to add last minute, it grows in an abundance at the allotment! This was added to the onion gravy.

The beetroots are coming up now and we picked some micro leaves that I used with the mash together with chives and chive flowers.


To make a light mash I only added 1 heaped teaspoon of light creme fraiche and added stock to bind the potatoes to a mash. It was a good end to a day of travelling, comforting but still quite light and full of flavour.


I can’t always do day trips so it was a bit of a treat to have dinner at home and I am sure many times healthier that what I would have eaten should I have been away!


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