A summer barbecue in sunny Kent and that pizza oven

Hosting a barbecue in the UK can be a bit of a gamble. The weather is less than reliable and rain never seems to be far off! This weekend we were off to Kent for a nice summer barbecue at Oli and Amanda’s and everyone was asking the question “do you think it will rain?” … Continue reading

Clams in chorizo broth, green tea poached salmon and prawns in garlic infused olive oil

With Friday arriving after what felt like a long week I felt like something light but still substantial. I wanted seafood! I had quite a lot on but worked faster to make it to Sandy’s, the Fishmonger before they closed, luckily they are open until 7 pm on Friday nights. As I arrived they were … Continue reading

Smoked cod with prawn & egg sauce

Sundays for me are days for a late brunch and getting things done around the house that never gets done during the week. This past Sunday we had things to get done and the smoked un dyed cod I bought for brunch was still in the fridge when I got home. I was going to … Continue reading

White wine glazed sticky pork ribs

The other day I really wanted ribs, the sticky kind that you eat with your fingers, the glaze running down your hands and where each mouthful is soft, fall off the bone tender meat. There are so many ways to cook ribs and what would work best, pork, beef or lamb? I didn’t want to … Continue reading

A foodie walk through Taste of London

I finally got myself some tickets to Taste of London on it’s 10th year! I know I should have gone sooner but I am usually away but there was no stopping me this year. The first thing, after speaking to some fellow foodie friends was to make a strategy. I did some research and identified … Continue reading

Italian fennel sausage and vegetable stew

Somehow I thought today (Thursday) was Friday, perhaps I am just ready for the weekend! So as a small treat at the end of the day I had a meeting in town and I decided to do a little shopping round on the way home. There are a few places that I am always happy … Continue reading

Perfect crackling with Szechuan peppered pork belly and savoury plum jam

This is the second part of the wedding anniversary dinner for our friends. One of them is a little picky with food but pork got the thumbs up and one of my favourite things in the world is crispy pork crackling! I know it is so bad for you but when it is good! I … Continue reading

Spinach soup amuse bouche and a prawns on a broad bean salad starter

We had some friends over for dinner last night and as we spoke the day before it turned out that it was their wedding anniversary! We have tried to get something in the diary for ages so they had cancelled their celebratory dinner to come over to ours. I felt that I should make a … Continue reading

Truffled Mac&Cheese with crispy parma ham

Sometimes I get so hungry before lunch I end up eating my lunch at 11.30 am. Sometimes I get a snack for the afternoon but usually it is a cup of coffee and/or tea or water for the rest of the day. Today was one of those but I decided to stay a little later … Continue reading

Being social at the Social Eating House!

I went on a date! Not a traditional date but a friendship/fellow blogger date. It was the funniest feeling and it was a long time ago since I went out with someone I actually don’t know. We got in touch through friends, established that we both love food, blog and of course we had a … Continue reading