Smoked duck breast with rhubarb vinaigrette

Sometimes I get asked the question where I get my inspiration from to cook. In all honestly I cook far from every day and mainly on weekends so it is easier with lots of time. I get my inspiration everywhere, something I eat when I am out, something I hear someone else has cooked, cookbooks, TV cooking shows (there is a lot of them going on my TV!) and of course other food bloggers!

I had a lovely comment from Mel at Ediblethings so I went over to have a look and was intrigued by a post about rhubarb! Mel, this is brilliant and you inspired me to do my own version here, delicious!

The day before I had picked up a breast of duck and all of the sudden I knew what to do with it. I smoked the duck breast when I was done with the barbecue and kept it in the fridge over night for the next day.

Smoked duck wraps with rhubarb vinaigrette, serves 2

  • 1 smoked duck breast
  • 4 gem lettuce leaves

Rhubarb vinaigrette

  • 1/2 rhubarb stalk, finely cut 
  • 1 shallot onion, cut fine
  • 1 lemon, juice and zest
  • 1/2 tsp mustard , I used French mustard as this is all I had at home
  • 1 tsp runny honey
  • salt & pepper

Slice the smoked duck breast and place 3-4 slices on top of a lettuce leaf.

Mix the vinaigrette ingredients and spoon over the duck before serving. It was quite tart but the rhubarb came through, perfect with the rich duck and it added a lovely texture. It was enough for 2 wraps each but I could have easily had a couple more!


I love the kind of food you can eat with your fingers and each bite is full of flavor!


I know it is a bit of an old recipe but this is something I come back to again and again and I wanted to share it at Angie’s brilliant Fiesta Friday! If you haven’t seen Angie’s blog, The Novice Gardener already please head over, it will leave you starving and drooling over the pictures! If you have cooked something, bring it to the party!

This time Angie is joined by the co hosts Fae, the author of the blog Fae’s Twist and Tango, a lovely mix of travel and lovely food! The second co host is Suzanne, host of the blog apuginthekitchen, she has brought the most delicious sounding Chinese ribs to the party!




I have entered this to Javelin Warriors always inspiring challenge Made with Love Mondays, cooking from scratch!


19 Responses to “Smoked duck breast with rhubarb vinaigrette”
  1. ediblethings says:

    Hi Petra, I think the shallots with the rich duck would have been perfect here. I found them a bit much with the tilapia I had, but that’s the great thing about vinaigrette – always great to adapt for what they are dressing. The perfect accessory in many ways 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      I absolutely agree 🙂 I used it with cod (blog to come) and it was delicious. I love the crunchiness of the rhubarb!

  2. I love how you used the rhubarb in the vinaigrette to pair with the duck, Petra! And even more delicious, you smoked the duck breast! What a wonderful idea…

  3. Kaila511 says:

    Ohhh, I love this dish! It doesn’t contain any of my allergens! I might need to practice with duck first, but I definitely want to try this. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Fiesta Friday! 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Kalia

      Thank you for your lovely comment, I am so glad you can try this 🙂 The duck doesn’t take long, just chuck some wood chips on to the coals, place the chicken and put the lid on and check after 15 minutes and then again about every 5 minute until the duck is cooked, like steak it will feel slightly firm to touch! 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

  4. Sinfully Tempting says:

    Petra this recipe looks amazing! Thank you for bringing it to the party to share with all of us! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jeanette
      Thank you 🙂 I am glad you like it, it is so easy but has lots of flavor!
      Have a lovely weekend as well! We might even have some sunshine here, such a treat 🙂

  5. Hi Petra, Happy Fiesta #20! Smoked duck for the party? 😛 The meat slices look moist and to wrap the rhubarb vinaigrette must be heavenly.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Fae

      Happy Fiesta! 🙂 I liked the duck better smoked than pan fried I have to admit and it was perfect with the rhubarb 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

  6. chefjulianna says:

    Hi Petra! This is a stunning dish! I really admire your creativity, as I would never have put duck and rhubarb together. I bet it is amazing! Thanks for bringing this to FF! 😀

    • petra08 says:

      hi Julianna

      I am glad you like it! The tart rhubarb and the rich duck as a lovely combo but the vinaigrette works just as well with fish! 🙂

  7. Love this, incredible. I have never had smoked duck but must try, it looks delicious and I love the vinaigrette!! Well done and thank you for bringing to the party! It’s a real treat!!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Suzanne
      Thank you 🙂 And thank you for stopping by! Smoked duck worked a treat and the rhubarb tartness made it very light. 🙂

  8. DetoxMama says:

    Looks so good! And I can eat it as is! Gotta love that! 🙂

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