A logistically challenged trip and a fab prawn sandwich

Do you ever have a feeling that you should not do something that you planned to do, do it anyway and well, it all goes a little haywire? Well my last trip for work was a bit like that and I am not sure if it was the best use of two working days and a Friday evening, despite good meetings.

It all started at Heathrow, I was flying early afternoon so I got there on time to have lunch before taking off. When I arrived and dropped my bag I was told that there is no gate yet, as I was a little earlier than usual I did not get too suspicious but I checked the board as soon as I got through security. It turned out that my flight was delayed. As always there was more information on the Heathrow website than on the board and the flight was delayed just under three hours. There was nothing much to do about it so I sat down and had my lunch, that took an hour. I dedicated about one and a half hour to responding to urgent e-mails and perhaps an hour on the phone. In the end it was quite productive and I marvelled at today’s technology (so wonderful when it works!)

The following day I was in the office in a series of meetings and then did something I always like, having a very Swedish lunch with my colleagues! Lunch in Sweden if you go out is almost always cooked, sometimes it includes a salad buffet, always a main course, something to drink and coffee with a small biscuit and all at a very reasonable price. I wasn’t too interested in the salad buffet or the coffee as much as the prawn sandwich they had on the menu. It did say that it was quite large but as I hadn’t eaten any breakfast I thought it would be no problem, until it came out. It was massive and when I was done it looked as if I just picked a few prawns off! Still it was delicious. Prawns in Sweden are almost always fresh and they have a lovely and salty taste of the sea. My favourite way of eating them is a big bowl of peel on prawns, fresh bread, aioli, a nice hard cheese and a bottle of white. It can take all evening to peel the prawns, dip them in the aioli and eat with bread and cheese, it is social and nice to get stuck in! The best way to remove the prawn smell from your fingers afterwards is to squeeze a lemon and rub your hands!


It was a very sunny day and on the way back we saw a guy spending his lunch in the sunshine. If you go to Sweden and there is a ray of sunshine, no mater how small or if it is still cold you will notice how the streets, cafes, lawns and benches quickly fill with sun loving, sun starved Swedes! This day was quite hot, about 25C so I wasn’t very surprised to see the guy on the lawn outside the office!


Once back in the office and a meeting later it was time to head home. I had plans to go out when I was back in London. It was a friends leaving do, she is moving to Singapore. It turned out that I need not have bothered, the cab did not turn up until 55 minutes late so there was no way I would made my flight. I was gutted! The cab company did call to apologise and will refund the flight I had to buy for the next flight but it meant settling in for another three and a half hour wait at the airport.

I got so upset I ate almost a whole cheese board on my own! Needless to say I felt slightly sick and bloated afterwards, it was a lot of cheese even for a cheese lover like me!


I guess you might have guessed that the flight back was slightly delayed and once I landed I waited for almost 30 minutes for my bag to turn up! Whilst I was waiting I was entertaining myself wondering what was the most valuable thing in my suitcase (I was carrying the laptop with me) and I believe it might be my make up bag! The power of vanity.


There was nothing to gain getting upset about all the waiting but I have to say it was a bit of a long trip for being so short!


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