Cod salad with baby broad beans and crispy sage

The weather lately has been so lovely! I decided to get some fish and chips and have a picnic in the park. It makes for such a lovely break and it it always good to get some fresh air, watch the little river go by and see the deer in the distance.

There is a fish and chips shop called Carp and Trout where I live and for a long time everyone has been telling me how good it is but I never got around to trying it. I think fish and chips is one of those things that can be so incredibly good you wonder why you don’t eat it more often, or so terrible it can put me off it for quite some time! This was the good one, each piece cooked to order with tender, flaky fish and a lovely and perfectly crispy batter! Eating it in the sunshine in the park just made it taste even better!

The portions are so generous I was left with a big chunk of cod, way too good to waste I took it home to eat the rest later!


Reluctantly I went back to the office and worked through the afternoon. In the evening we were faced with the pleasant need to water the allotment. All the little seeds and plants are growing stronger and larger every day now!

Every year when the season is over I cut the sage plant back quite a lot and each year it comes back stronger. It now looks really strong and is full of fragrant leaves, I just had to pick some!


I picked a couple of asparagus spears. They are coming to an end so there are not that many left but the broad beans are looking very strong so I picked a handful, baby broad beans are such a luxury!


I picked a rhubarb stalk for some more of that delicious vinaigrette and headed home with my allotment bounty! Not much but very tasty.

Cod salad, serves 2 as a starter

  • cooked flaky cod 
  • 1 spring onion, sliced
  • 1 small handful of baby broad beans
  • 2 asparagus spears, sliced
  • rhubarb vinaigrette (recipe here)
  • sea salt
  • 6 sage leaves

Crisp up the sage leaves, I often do it in butter but oil works as well and then start placing the spring onion on a plate, then add the cod, the asparagus, the vinaigrette, the broad beans and the crispy sage leaves. Give the dish a sprinkle of sea salt and serve!


The lemon and rhubarb gives  wonderful tartness and the honey a lovely round flavour and the flavours married very well with the vegetables and the cod! Never throw away left over fish & chips!

I have entered this to Karen Burns-Boot from the inspiring blog Lavender & Lovage‘s great challenge Cooking with Herbs (previously Herbs on Saturday)!


3 Responses to “Cod salad with baby broad beans and crispy sage”
  1. What a delightful entry into Cooking with Herbs (Herbs on Saturday) and such lovely photos too…….I also love your fish and chip story, and I am a real sucker for fish and chips as a great now and then. Your recipe and photos are just gorgeous and as a BIG fish lover, I am tempted to try this recipe next time I have some cod, lovely! Karen

    • petra08 says:

      hi Karen

      thank you so much and am happy you like the post and the pictures! I do have a soft spot for fish and chips but almost never eat it so this was a hit! 🙂

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