Salmon, prawn and veg barbecue and chipotle salted corn on the cob

I love my new barbecue and I will use any excuse to fire it up! It is a charcoal barbecue, I love the smell and the whole process. This of course means that it is not possible on a week night as I am most often not home until 7.30 pm but weekends are perfect! I decided to make a fish, prawn and vegetable barbecue.

It was quite a busy morning I decided to make a herring lunch, well there isn’t much to do but it is so delicious (perhaps it is the Swede in me). I had some Jersey Royal new potatoes that I boiled with dill and it was served with soured cream and chives.


This particular herring pickling is called Matjes and it is slightly saltier than the others, quite distinct in flavour and served like this I could eat lots of it!


After lunch we took a nice long walk in the park and the wind seemed to have picked up and it felt like a slight drop in temperature, but not enough to put me off the planned barbecue!

There were quite a few things to be prepared so I did a snack to keep us going.

Avocado dip

  • 3 small avocados or 2 large, ripe
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • chopped parsley
  • 1/2 pack of silken tofu
  • a pinch of salt

Place it all in a blender and mix, don’t make it too smooth. Serve with crudites and crisps, add a few toasted seeds for some extra texture.


For the barbecue I started by doing some chipotle salt. I love the smoky flavour.


I did a mix of feta cheese creme and stuffed some mushrooms and zucchini. I had pre boiled some of the Jersey royal new potatoes for 15 minutes before and I halved them and brushed them with some oil with salt and pepper.

I put some prawns on a toothpick, 3 on each and I then did small kebabs (also on a toothpick) with pepper, celery, a cocktail tomato and spring onion and brushed them with some salt and pepper oil before setting aside.

I pre cooked sweetcorn for 6 minutes and for them I mixed oil with the chipotle salt before putting on the grill and the smoky heat from the chipotle and the sweetness from the sweetcorn was a great combo!

I did a version of  chimichurri to go with the salmon with parsley, roast garlic, 2 de seeded chillies, good olive oil and salt. It all cooked in pretty much the same time, I added the prawns last so they just got cooked through. It was a hands on meal, served with only some light soured cream on the side.


It wasn’t warm enough to eat outside but it tasted like a proper summer barbecue! We ate just about all of it and we are looking forward to many more barbecues this summer! The wine shop down the road had a bit of a sale so I have stocked up on quite a few bottles of delicious Malbec rose wine so I feel ready for a long, hot summer!

2 Responses to “Salmon, prawn and veg barbecue and chipotle salted corn on the cob”
  1. nazima says:

    what a lovely meal. we are about to buy a barbecue and cannot wait to make lovely stuff like this!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Nazima
      I love the BBQ and am so happy we have a new one, miles better than the old one! It really does taste like summer, doesn’t it? 🙂

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