Being social at the Social Eating House!

I went on a date! Not a traditional date but a friendship/fellow blogger date. It was the funniest feeling and it was a long time ago since I went out with someone I actually don’t know. We got in touch through friends, established that we both love food, blog and of course we had a great time! Chloe, the host of the charming blog StoneColdComfort was lovely and the evening went in no time at all!

We went to the Social Eating House, I have of course been wanting to go there since it opened and it hasn’t been opened for very long so this was a perfect choice by Chloe! When we meet Chloe mentioned that we might have to sit by the bar but no problems for me, sometimes that can be even nicer.


It turned out that we didn’t have to sit at the bar but was offered seats in the kitchen! We almost took turns doing little jumps and could not believe our luck! Even if we would have had nothing to say to each other (of course we did), we could have spent all evening just watching all the activity in the kitchen!


Coming to a place like this, not having a starter would be a bit of a sin so we opted to two different ones. It was quite funny as we didn’t know each other at all we were careful around the wine selection. Usually if I am out with a friend we get a bottle of wine between us and after some undecided noises where no one wanted to come across as a sort of alcoholic we finally decided on a bottle!

One of the starters was a CLT, Colchester Crab, lettuce, tomato and roast tomato vinaigrette. The tomatoes were just bursting with flavour and perfect with crab!


The other starter was an octopus carpaccio with orange grenobloise and black olive oil. Very delicate and delicious.


The main courses were both fish.

Roast Cornish cod with kombu, mousseron, baby gem, cockles and cream. I only brought my phone to take pictures with so it doesn’t do the food justice but it was a beautiful dish.


The other main course was roasted halibut with spring cabbage, gremolata and roasted shellfish juice. It was so delicate!


The portion sizes were perfect but there was not much space for dessert so we decided to share one having seen them being brought out. We could have eaten anything off the menu as all of it looked delicious but the pineapple looked irresistible. It was light as a feather, full of pineapple and coconut flavour and the perfect way to end a very entertaining and successful “friendship” date! We had such a great time we decided to eat our way through London at interesting restaurants, can’t wait for the next one!

Behind us were two smoke boxes, I don’t know what they were smoking but it could possibly have been salt baked vegetables, this reminded me that I should perhaps get myself a cold smoker and try that myself. Regardless if I was right about the content in the smoke boxes or not. Another exciting food project!

2 Responses to “Being social at the Social Eating House!”
  1. Chloe says:

    Such a lovely post Petra! I think your photos are great! I keep finding myself daydreaming about the baked pineapple – I can’t imagine how they got it so thin! Looking forward to next time 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Chloe

      The dessert was fantastic! I wish I could make desserts like that 🙂 Let’s make a plan for our next outing!

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