Cured, bay leaf and hickory smoked pork belly, new potatoes and beets

I started thinking of today’s dinner two days in advance when I bought pork belly for curing. My neighbour gave me a whole bunch of bay leaves so I did a bay leaf and chipotle chilli cure and I mixed some bay leaves with the hickory wood for the smoking. The pork belly cured for … Continue reading


Tofu scrambled eggs

I had an evening on my own and sometimes it is quite nice to just cook something for myself. I can add anything I like and not give it a second thought. I had some silken tofu in the fridge that I wanted to use. A discussion about egg over lunch left me wanting eggs … Continue reading

Noodle soup ramen style

The weather was lovely today despite storm and rain warnings. We went to the beach for a lovely pub lunch, a bit extravagant as it takes a little time to get there but it is not often the weather is this lovely. For dinner I didn’t really want something warm, but i didn’t want a … Continue reading

Beautiful Kent and a pub meal with a sea view, Zetland Arms

We decided recently that we had not spent enough time exploring what is close to us and there is no better place when it is this hot than being by the sea. We spent a few days in Kent. To be more precise we spent a few days in Deal. Deal is a wonderful coastal … Continue reading

Salmon wrap with potato salad and wasabi peas

I had some salmon trimmings left over and decided to use them as a snack. One of my favorite ways to eat salmon is pan fried so i decided to pan fry them and serve them in a lettuce wrap. Some left over potatoes gave it a bit more body. Salmon and potato salad lettuce … Continue reading

Nectarine starter and an omelette

I like to mix fruits and savoury. I had some nectarines at home and after having a think about whether to make a starter or a dessert I decided that a dessert was too obvious so a starter it was. I had a look around and decided to pair it with cottage cheese, I wanted … Continue reading

Vegetarian stuffed courgette

I never quite know what to do with all the courgettes. The first year I grew them we had four plants. We had plenty more than we could ever eat and gave away endless numbers of courgettes to friends and neighbors! This year we have one plant and within a week I am faced with … Continue reading

The allotment in pictures and sliced pork belly snack

We got our allotment by pure luck. Having only a patio garden we really wanted a vegetable patch and we met someone who could offer us an allotment straight away! They had a severely overgrown allotment that required a lot of work. This was four years ago now and a lot of work later it … Continue reading

Chobani yoghurt – one man’s American dream

About a year ago I was in Florida on a summer holiday. The sky was blue, the beaches sandy white and it was lovely like only holidays can be. I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal to get updated on the news. Inside was an article about a man called Hamdi Ulukaya. … Continue reading

Sausage and bacon with courgette pasta

I always know when it is summer when I need to go and water the allotment! Lately it has been very dry and all the veg are growing like mad in this hot weather. It looks like there will be a heap of runner beans. We picked a turnip Delicious summer kale And the first … Continue reading