Doing The Honours in Edinburgh

“To do the honours of a table gracefully, is one of the outlines of a well-bred man…” Rev. Dr. John Trusler.

I think it was about two years ago since I went to Martin Wishart’s restaurant in Leith. I have to admit I did not know very much about Mr Wishart himself and I was in for one a wonderful surprise. Ever since I have been wanting to go back and of course I wanted to try his latest restaurant, The Honours. As per above you can see where the name comes from. The restaurant’s name also makes reference to the moment in Scottish history when Sir Walter Scott — who lived nearby — uncovered the Scottish Crown Jewels, also known as The Honours of Scotland. Martin Wishart and his team are great advocates for Scottish produce and fine dining.

The Honours is located in the centre of Edinburgh.


It is a beautiful restaurant, very elegant and still chilled out, I had visions of coming here after work (that is, if I lived here) for a drink and a catch up, enjoying a glass of their fine wine and some haggis bon bons!

There was three of us going and we started with a drink, wine for two of us, some gorgeous and crisp Lealtanza Rioja 2011, immediately to be added to my list of favourite wines. The third diner opted for a virgin mojito that looked lush.


We had some snacks to go with it

Marcona almonds 27June_MarconaAlmonds

Some most delicious haggis bon bons, can someone in London please make them as well? And oh yes, please make them just the same! I would have been so happy eating a bowl of them alone.


It is a beautiful restaurant with a great vibe.


We had a peek at the menu and all three of us went for a crab and lemon risotto with creme fraiche as a starter whilst sipping the wine and enjoying some bread.


It is possible to see the kitchen from where I was sitting.


The starters arrived and they were delicious


We enjoyed ourselves and had a long overdue catch up about what is going on in life.

For mains our opinion split and two went for braised shoulder of lamb with hand rolled tagliatelle and black olive pesto.


The other main course was poached Wishart’s smoked salmon, asparagus veloute and pommes de terre aux herbes, it was very delicate and full of flavour.


After this we felt too full for dessert but somehow this did not stop us from ordering dessert, cheese for me with fruit bread and quince jelly


The most delicate and delicious creme catalan with banana and mango sorbet and cocoa.


After this we did not even have room for a coffee! It was a delicious lunch and it was so lovely to not be rushed as we stayed for more than two hours. We were made to feel so welcome and I just wished I would have had time to stay and had another drink in the bar!

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