Chobani yoghurt – one man’s American dream

About a year ago I was in Florida on a summer holiday. The sky was blue, the beaches sandy white and it was lovely like only holidays can be. I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal to get updated on the news. Inside was an article about a man called Hamdi Ulukaya. I thought the article was so inspiring I ripped the page out and saved it. It is still in my bedside drawer as it is an American dream come true but I have always wondered how many fail to make one succeed? No matter what the statistics looks like it is so nice to read about this.

Hamdi read about a yoghurt making plant for sale, Kraft was closing it and he decided to  follow his gut feeling and buy it. He decided to start making Greek yoghurt and here is the article.

When I arrived to Food Blogger Connect, FBC5 I saw that Chobani has launched in the UK with his fat free Greek Yoghurts.


This is not an ad for Chobani, and I have in no way been asked to or have been sponsored by them to write this. I wanted to write about it as I think it is a very inspirational story about following your gut feeling, closing your eyes and taking the plunge. I am sure that most of us have a dream, perhaps it is time to follow it?


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