The allotment in pictures and sliced pork belly snack

We got our allotment by pure luck. Having only a patio garden we really wanted a vegetable patch and we met someone who could offer us an allotment straight away! They had a severely overgrown allotment that required a lot of work. This was four years ago now and a lot of work later it now looks quite amazing and I have to admit that besides some digging I didn’t do the hard work!

This is from just before the heatwave started and things have come along amazingly since then but I still wanted to share this!

I took some pictures, as I have mentioned before everything is a bit late this year but I could not resist bringing the camera to take some pictures.

The spinach is so good but will soon go in to bloom.


I picked a few wild strawberries, there is never enough to make something of them so we just pick and eat them, that works as well!


It is a great year for the broad beans


The artichokes looks strong and are plentiful16June_Artichoke

The bees love the chive flowers


Last year we got virtually no mint and I thought it was lost but it is back!


I can’t wait for the potatoes, I can see flower buds at last


Our allotment neighbours grows beautiful Iris


The beetroots are looking great, I have a nice stash of pickling jars ready to be used.


Last year the blueberries looked so promising but just before they ripened they all fell off, I hope this year will be better.


The poppies grows everywhere when not controlled, they are so beautiful with their vibrant red.


The bayleaf plant is slowly growing stronger and it is now full of new leaves.


I found some beautiful, what I think are called corn flowers, in Sweden we call them blåklint, and they always bloom around midsummer.


I picked some rhubarb, we had some pork belly left over from the weekend and I wanted some rhubarb vinaigrette (recipe here) to go with it and to cut through the rich meat. It was a marriage made in heaven and I just wish I had made more!



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