Beautiful Kent and a pub meal with a sea view, Zetland Arms

We decided recently that we had not spent enough time exploring what is close to us and there is no better place when it is this hot than being by the sea. We spent a few days in Kent. To be more precise we spent a few days in Deal. Deal is a wonderful coastal town, it has loads going for it, a bustling seaside, a lovely beach


Charming seaside houses and cottages with irresistible names


There were little havens everywhere


The white cliffs were as impressive as always


And they were full of caves


I did some research by asking the locals what the best pub in Deal was and actually some suggested a place called Zetland Arms in Kingsdown, a five minute drive from Deal. The pub is on the beach with stunning views.


It was a very sunny day


There were no seats outside but it was beautifully done inside.


It was the kind of pub you would brave ice cold winds, hailstorms and rain to come for a warming dinner and that perfect pint.


We opted for the same food, dressed crab served with bread, new potatoes and salad.


The crab was super fresh and delicious and having tasted everything it was ALL delicious and no way I was going to leave a single morsel of what was generously put on my plate! We waited for 40 minutes for the food but it was worth it! I could so easily have settled in for the afternoon, sipping wine, watching the sea and listening to the seagulls. We did eventually have to get moving but we will be back!

The next day we headed towards Sandwich, a very quaint and old town.


An old church has been re made in to an exhibition about Sandwich and we saw this old fire “truck”


We found a cute looking pub by the canal and were delighted to find dressed crab on the menu. I promptly ordered it and I have rarely been so disappointed, the crab meat, if fresh had been mashed to a mush, mixed with what I think might have been Marie Rose sauce and then placed in a PLASTIC crab shell! I did not even know you could buy plastic crab shells for serving and the whole experience was well, slightly disturbing and it didn’t taste very good!


It did not stop me from wanting to go back to the area, it was so lovely and I wish I had more time to spend in this part of the country!

2 Responses to “Beautiful Kent and a pub meal with a sea view, Zetland Arms”
  1. Francesca says:

    Kent looks lovely, gorgeous cliffs!

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