Food bloggers, a very sociable bunch

A very long time ago, about eight months actually, I “met” Andree Ann, a Canadian food blogger who writes La voie a la bouche who like me, was looking for someone to buddy up with for a ticket to the fifth Food Blogger Connect in London. Little did I know that we would click from the moment we meet and have so much fun! We only had very little contact beforehand and decided to meet the night before at Lola Rojo, a Spanish restaurant in Clapham . After some  tapas and  wine we felt ready for some sleep and 3 days of FBC5!

We spent three days learning and meeting fellow food bloggers. I knew there were lots of food bloggers in London but it was so great to meet some of them! The participants had arrived from several countries and it was so great to share experiences and to talk to other bloggers and finally meet some of them in person! The event is organized by the very talented Bethany Kendy, author of the blog Dirty Kitchen Secrets and the cookbook Thee Jewelled Kitchen. The agenda was full of interesting topics and speakers. It was held at the Battersea arts centre.


We learnt about food styling


I tasted my first ever maple butter and it was delicious! I need to find out where I can buy it, this was made by Moose Maple Butter.


My favorite speakers were David Lebovitz writer of a great blog and a book and the fabulous photographer Penny de los Santos. They were both captivating story tellers and I could have listened to them for much longer! There was a range of speakers and topics and I came away with lots and lots of notes to remember and a hefty to do list as a follow up!

There were food stalls with a we were feed lots of different foods and there were some macaroons


Little raspberry chocolate cakes


I have to admit that the best lunch I had during the event was when Andrée-Ann and myself  went for a sneaky lunch at a restaurant nearby, la Soif. We had a delicious bargain lunch at £10 for bread and butter, grilled sardines and a chilled glass of wine!


On Saturday we were treated to treats from Bethany’s cookbook The Jewelled Kitchen and they were as beautiful as they were tasty.


On the last day we finished a bit early and Andrèe-Ann came over for dinner. We took her to the allotment and she could not stop taking pictures! There are some on her blog about FBC5.

I picked some beetroots and boiled them to make a salad.



I did a beetroot and feta salad. I sundried some wild strawberries and tomatoes and placed them in oil and mixed them with feta cheese and ate it with the beetroots.


FBC5_beetSaladI got a little carried away and cooked a small mountain of meat for us.


A coleslaw for added crunch

FBC5_SlawLast I steamed some bok choy that we had swapped with our allotment neighbour for some beetroots


I did have fruit and ice cream planned for dessert but there was no room for anything more. It was such great three days

5 Responses to “Food bloggers, a very sociable bunch”
  1. aalavoie says:

    Wow Petra, great post! I am very grateful to have met you as well. My husband passes his compliments for your delicious home made hot sauce, too!

  2. ediblethings says:

    Oh, I couldn’t make it this time, I’ve been wanting to go since I found out (again) too late about FBC4. Unfortunately I had an immovable Family Thing.

    You sound like you had a wonderful time. I’m jealous, but happy for all of you who made it. And if you’re looking for a buddy for FBC6…

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