Falling apples, good friends and Marstrand island

I wanted to get a trip to Sweden in before the summer is over. As I booked it I didn’t think about it but it was apple time. I am not sure if I have ever noticed quite so many apple trees but there was one in just about every garden! As I was talking to one of my friends I could hear the apples fall to the ground. I managed to eat quite a few before it was time to leave and they were delicious.


My friend with the apple tree lived by the sea and the view across fields to the sea from her living room was just stunning. We went for a walk and the landscape is beautiful. I grew up by the sea and I sometimes miss the windswept landscape and the smell of the sea. We went for a walk, past grazing bulls, farmers fields and down to the sea.


My friend had a windmill, it looked to typically Swedish with the Falu red colour I just had to take a picture! Falu red comes from copper mining in the middle of Sweden and a town called Falun. It has been used for hundreds of years as a way to preserve the wood used for building houses and you can read more about the origin here.


We were truly spoilt and were served pork chops. The pig was reared on the other side of the rocky hill from where they live, having been fed real food, having been loved and truly lived outdoors, even slaughtered at the farm the taste was nothing less than amazing. It wasn’t just the taste, it was also the texture, it was more juicy and I would say that the meat was more relaxed if this makes sense. Sometimes pork chops can have very firm meat and this tasted more relaxed. It was a treat.


We had some baked quartered potatoes, mushrooms, onion butter and a crunchy salad to to go with the pork chops and it was a great dinner!

Baking potatoes Sweden_Potatoes

We ate the dinner looking out over the garden, the apple trees and the fields around. It was truly quiet, so peaceful and I am so glad we got an invite to come and stay!

The table was beautifully done Sweden_SetTable

There was a hand made carafe and glass for the schnapps. Sweden_Nubbe

For dessert we had a real treat, egg cheese. I remember this from years ago and this time I got to see it being made! The ingredients are milk, eggs and a Swedish version of soured cream, gräddfil.


It was served with two kinds of jam, strawberry and raspberry.


After this we had a catch up on life in general and details of what is going on in general. Not seeing each other so often leaves a lot missed and it was lovely not to rush off anywhere!

After a good nights sleep in the complete darkness that you only experience in the country and the silence, only broken by the bulls communicating on the nearby field every now and then, there was another treat. My friend had made her own pickle herring. I just had to have some for breakfast and it was delicious! One was roe based, one was basil based and the last one pickled in onions and vegetables. I could have eaten it for lunch and dinner as well, just delicious!


Leaving the next day we went by Marstrand, a lovely island outside of Gothenburg. It has a fortress and is famous for sailing.


Sea safety is always at front of mind. Sweden_LifeRing

Fresh fish and seafood was sold by the harbour. Mackerel caught last night and smoked that morning, lobsters, langoustines and of course, crayfish. It s crayfish season and crayfish parties are one of the most fun


The sun was shining so we sat down in the sunshine watching the sea, sometimes that is all you need for a perfect moment. We didn’t even talk much, just sat there in a comfortable silence, sharing the moment.


After we enjoyed the sunshine it was time for lunch. We went across with the ferry to Ko Island for some food.

Pan fried cod Sweden_CodLoin

I could not resist a prawn sandwich, mandatory when in Sweden! Yes, there was actually some bread underneath all those prawns!Sweden_PrawnSandwich

What a lovely time we had, we were truly spoilt and even if we didn’t stay long the sea air, the catch ups and the lovely food was good for the soul!


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