Butternut and lamb patties

Sometimes I like to make things up from what I have in the fridge and today I thought I would use up some left over butternut squash dip that I had. The half butternut squash I roasted with the hot sauce quick marinade lent itself to several different meals. First I took the left over … Continue reading

Hotsauce marinated and roasted butternut squash and chicken

I love foods that are quick and easy. It doesn’t necessarily have to cook in five minutes, a little planning can make all the difference! This time I was at home but I had a few things on so I needed something that was quick to prepare and then took care of itself. We still … Continue reading

Lunch in the Rubicon Marina, Lanzarote

It was a bliss staying in Gran Castillo Dream hotel but it was great to go for a walk and have lunch in the marina. The walk along the sea was stunning, it took no more than fifteen minutes to get there but we probably spent forty as I stopped for taking pictures everywhere. There were flowers … Continue reading

Delicious tapas and local wine at Bodegon Las Tapas in Playa Blanca

We walked around Playa Blanca and when we got hungry we had no idea of where to go. I hadn’t done any research but we stumbled across a Wine and Delicatessen shop. I had to go in and have a look. The shop was beautiful and they had a lot of interesting looking foods, chocolates … Continue reading

Exploring the southern tip of Lanzarote

It was market day we followed a beautiful path along the sea from the hotel to the Rubicon Marina, it took us only 15 minutes to walk there. There was cactus everywhere and they looked fantastic, especially against the black lava soil. We passed what looked like an old miniature fort but as we got … Continue reading

Rambling thoughts on a sun lounger, gazing out over the very blue sea

A long time ago, actually in the beginning of this year I thought we might need some down time in September. Said and done late January I booked an all-inclusive to Lanzarote for just over a week. Booking so far in advance I got a good deal for two in Dream Hotel Gran Castillo.  September … Continue reading

Corn on the cob with dukkha, salt and butter

The Saturday past was the start of the rugby season and it was time to head to Twickenham for a double header. It is always a day of drinking beer and eating, crap food, it is part of the experience! We watched 2 games and it was the last fine minutes of the last game … Continue reading

The chicken or the egg at Whyte & Brown

I read a review about a new place in Kingly Court in Soho called Whyte & Brown. They have the usual angel of serving chicken and/or egg dishes. I was curious if a concept like this would work or would the menu seem slightly lacking? Chicken is a very versatile meat and eggs are well, … Continue reading

Spaghetti squash and beef cheek stew

Having an allotment is like being a part of a community and everyone are so helpful and nice. One of our allotment neighbours had grown spaghetti squash and he kindly gave us one as we didn’t grow this and were curious. I have seen it being cooked before and it looks great. It is different … Continue reading

Perl las, a Welsh blue cheese, and Cobb nut salad

Once I was home from the Cotswolds I could not wait to try and make something from the Welsh blue cheese, Perl las that I picked up in the farm shop. It has dark blue veins, is quite a firm blue cheese and has a salty, tangy flavour, strong but not overpowering. Whilst driving through … Continue reading