My Gothenburg

Being an expat for quite a few years now it is funny as I seem to have developed two homes. One is where I live every day but then there is always Gothenburg, my home town that always feels like home as well. I often get the question where I feel most at home but I think it is a bit of both and I feel very lucky.

Whenever I go home to visit there are lots of people, friends and family to see and it is quite rare that I have time to just have a stroll around the city centre but last time I did have a few hours and it was a lovely feeling.

There are gorgeous spots everywhere 07AugSweden_Trees

Lunch was a sandwich (yes there is a slice of bread somewhere!), with Skagen salad on top. Skagen salad is made of crayfish tails and prawns and is delicious.


Gothenburg is a lot about the seafood, every morning before the inhabitants usually gets up the fleet of fishing boats unload their bounty for the fish market so it can be sold and shipped across the country. This means that the seafood you buy is always super fresh and in abundance. One place to visit is Feskekörka, a fish market that is full of wonderfully fresh seafood of all kinds.

This time we had time for a stroll in the botanical garden, Trädgårdföreningen. It was just passed the prime of the roses but they were still in bloom. It was raining on and off so I managed to catch some raindrops on one of the roses.


There were other stunning plants 07AugSweden_Greenhouse

A lovely pond with water lilies.07AugSweden_Pond

After the walk, an despite the rain we were tempted by an ice cream. We had one from the local dairy Lejonet & Björnen (the lion & the bear) an it was lovely sitting outside, under the roof in the rain eating it.

After more walking and “fika”, a general term for having a snack but it is more social, again under a roof, wrapped in a blanket supplied by the cafe and watched the word go by sipping on a coffee. Not being rushed is sometimes the most luxurious feeling!


A look in to some random shops and we were ready to go out for the evening. It was a super relaxing walk through my Gothenburg, it could have been sunnier and no rain but it was a lovely day ion my home away from home.


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