Perl las, a Welsh blue cheese, and Cobb nut salad

Once I was home from the Cotswolds I could not wait to try and make something from the Welsh blue cheese, Perl las that I picked up in the farm shop. It has dark blue veins, is quite a firm blue cheese and has a salty, tangy flavour, strong but not overpowering.


Whilst driving through the Cotswolds I was tempted to stop the car every now and then to forage, it was full of chestnuts (not quite ready yet), elderberries and Cobb nuts. I didn’t pick anything but bought some Cobb nuts to bring home from the shop.


I made a salad using some allotment baby spinach


I sliced and toasted the Cobb nuts, they kept flying around my kitchen when I shelled them but once you get to the nuts they are sweet and juicy. Toasting them gives them a slight crunch and it enhances the nutty flavor.

Perl las and Cobb nut salad 

Preparation time 10 minutes 

Cooking time 0 minutes 

Serves 2 (as a starter) 


  • Cobb nuts
  • Perl Las, or any blue cheese
  • baby spinach
  • 1/4 apple
  • truffle honey
  • olive oil

De shell the Cobb nuts, slice and toast in a dry pan. Crumble the cheese. Place the spinach on a plate, julienne the apple in to match stick size and place on a plate. Add the cheese and drizzle over some honey. Sprinkle over the Cobb nuts and some olive oil before serving.


The flavours and textures works so well. The sweet truffle with the spinach and the salty cheese and the crunch from the nuts worked so well. I am sure the Perl las and the Cobb nuts can be replaced if not available, I would try a similar blue cheese and cashew nuts would be nice.


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