The chicken or the egg at Whyte & Brown

I read a review about a new place in Kingly Court in Soho called Whyte & Brown. They have the usual angel of serving chicken and/or egg dishes. I was curious if a concept like this would work or would the menu seem slightly lacking? Chicken is a very versatile meat and eggs are well, good with and/or in most things! I went with a friend for a summery lunch.

The restaurant has a very urban feel, almost industrial and even the ladies (I could not help but snap a pic) was funky.


As I was looking through the menu I liked it more and more but I was sad to hear that the crispy chicken chards of slow baked chicken skin was sold out for the day already.

We did recover from this slightly bad news and instead ordered a poulet confit with lemon crispettes, served with toast and salad.


We also got a pea and ricotta poached egg bruchetta


We shared the starters and they were very nice, just the right size. To go with it we had a delicious Austrian wine that was a special. Sadly I did not take a picture of this so the name escapes me but it was perfect on a warm summers day.

For mains we continued to share and opted for harissa hot wings. I loved the harissa sauce but perhaps the skin on the wings could have been just a tad crispier. Saying that they were very nice and there were none left by the time we finished our meal.


The pulled chicken, served with an Asian slaw was delicious


The slaw was so pretty I had to take a picture of it


Did it work in the end? Yes it does. There were a lot of dishes on the menu that I liked the look of so I guess I have to go back and try them. We were there for lunch but there is plenty of seating inside and I can imagine spending a nice evening there trying more of the dishes and sharing a bottle of wine (or two) with friends.


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