Exploring the southern tip of Lanzarote

It was market day we followed a beautiful path along the sea from the hotel to the Rubicon Marina, it took us only 15 minutes to walk there.

There was cactus everywhere and they looked fantastic, especially against the black lava soil.


We passed what looked like an old miniature fort but as we got closer there was a cross and perhaps it had been a chapel at some point, now closed but still standing.


We saw fishermen emptying their nets of the day’s catch.


The marina was full of fish


The market was big, there was everything and nothing offered. I bought a few plates, something nice to have when having dinners at home, adding a burst of colour. We did a stop for an ice cream and they had a Kit Kat flavoured ice cream, I have never seen one before but why not.

After the market we kept walking to Playa Blanca. It was full of shops, restaurants and bars, we had a look around and saw two fishermen cleaning the day’s catch in the sea.


Some of the fish was gutted there as wellLanzarote_GuttedFish

There were places to get in to the sea and this looked lethal


We stopped for lunch at Dorado Las Tapas (see next blog), it was a wonderful choice.

The volcanic mountains looks like they are covered in velvet and makes a stunning backdrop.


Staying for just one week it was well worth just walking around, if we had stayed a little longer I would have loved to see the whole island and of course visited the wineries but that is for another visit.

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