Delicious tapas and local wine at Bodegon Las Tapas in Playa Blanca

We walked around Playa Blanca and when we got hungry we had no idea of where to go. I hadn’t done any research but we stumbled across a Wine and Delicatessen shop. I had to go in and have a look. The shop was beautiful and they had a lot of interesting looking foods, chocolates and wines. This was the first place I had seen Lanzarote produced wine.


The shop had a restaurant downstairs, Bodegon Las Tapas, address Avenida Maritima, 29, Playa Blanca,  that we decided to try. We had a lovely view over the water.


There was an array of people walking past and it was very entertaining to just sit there. We got a bottle of the Yaiza, Malvasia that we had seen upstairs and actually we ordered it because it came in the prettiest bottle.  Luckily it was delicious as well as good looking!


After some debating about the menu I ordered a lovely array of tapas. First out was the typically Spanish bread with garlic and tomatoes, naughtily dipped in alioli.


The alioli


The jamon croquetas was a must and these were light and delicious.


The gambas al ajillo came out sizzling and filled with juicy prawns, hot chillies and loaded with garlic.


Canary potatoes with red and green mojo were a must. It is a local speciality, the potatoes are salt baked and served with two pepper based sauces, one green, slightly milder and one red that is slightly picante.


They had super fresh sardines, pan fried and so good not even a squeeze of lemon was needed.


Fish is a staple food in Lanzarote so we also had a fish skewer, grilled with pimiento pardron, Spanish peppers. The peppers gave the fish their unique taste and it was a delicious flavour.


I thought I had ordered too much but we ate almost all of it, greed perhaps, but it was so delicious. Sipping the last of the wine we sat back and watched the world go by.


A pacharan rounded off the meal nicely and after that we did a slow walk back to the hotel for a siesta by the pool on a very comfy sun lounger.


This was by far the best meal we had in Lanzarote, it was just delicious. Even if you just want a tapas or two and a drink this is a wonderful spot not to be missed.

4 Responses to “Delicious tapas and local wine at Bodegon Las Tapas in Playa Blanca”
  1. How relaxing, I’m very jealous.

  2. Lara lynch says:

    Have been here thought it was very overpriced and have had a lot better!

    • petra08 says:

      Hi Laura am so sorry to hear! We did go at lunch so not a full on dinner, maybe we were lucky. I hope you had better meals on your holiday 🙂

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