Foraging for chestnuts

A few weeks ago whilst walking the dogs we saw that the chestnut trees were absolutely covered in chestnuts. They were not ready yet so this weekend we went back to see if they were ready and they were! It was a lovely Saturday morning and it was so nice to be out in the … Continue reading

Red wine and coca cola braised lamb shanks with chestnuts and yuzu bulgur wheat

I don’t know why but I have never cooked lamb shanks before, I have had them in restaurants and when I woke up this morning, listening to the rain pouring down outside I knew it was time. Robsons’s butcher had some lovely looking ones and I got one each for us, thinking there might be … Continue reading

Poached salmon with yuzu sauce and kale

As I was shopping the other day I saw some yuzu sauce. I have never used it before so I had to buy it. I am sure it is not too difficult to make yourself but I wanted to try it first. It is tangy with a clear citrus flavour. I decided to get some … Continue reading

Tuna tartar, tuna and chilli ceviche and a crab salad

This weeks occasion must be the opening of Whole Foods near where I work. I went last weekend and got as far as the doors, saw all the people and backed away. I went back today on my way home from work instead and there were less people so I decided to get some dinner. … Continue reading

A bite of Argentina at Zoilo

Week before last I did two things I have never done before. I think it is good for me to get out of the comfort zone every now and then and this was great, First i went to my first live football game since I was six years old. After extensive searching and asking around … Continue reading

Salmon with ginger jam glaze and pan fried savoy cabbage

I love to make jam but I almost never actually eat it. I have been thinking and thought I would start making savoury jams, or jams to go with savour food, I did and realized I always eat them! Today I wanted to make ginger jam to go with my salmon dinner. I love the … Continue reading

Plum tart with pistachio and chestnut praline

I have had making puff pastry on my to do list for a long time now and it was finally time. I followed this recipe as I am, well pretty crap at baking, and it worked so well! I have to say I was quite pleased with myself! Now all I needed was something to … Continue reading

Roast chicken with spiced rice stuffing

I don’t cook rice very often, I like it but somehow I never quite seem to get it as light and fluffy as I like it. Much to my delight I had some left over rice in the fridge and from the moment I placed it there I knew I had to cook something nice … Continue reading

Steak fajita for dinner tonight

Having suffered a bit of a cold lately and this time it seems to have affected my sense of smell that as a follow up makes my taste buds more dull. I have tried lots of things but in the end I thought big and bold flavours would do the trick and went for steak … Continue reading

Chestnut powdered hasselbacks potatoes with slow roast lamb

Regardless of the weather I know that winter is approaching when the chestnuts are falling off the trees. I love to forage and chestnuts are so great and fall of the trees in such abundance. This year we were a couple of weeks early but we managed to find enough to pick. I love the … Continue reading