Awards: The Liebster Award, Very Inspiring Blog Award, Best Moment Award, Sunshine Award & Versatile Blogger Award

I know I have said it before but blogging is being a part of a community. I haven’t come across a blogger who is not helpful and supportive. I really feel lucky to have gained followers who read my blog, like some of the foods and make lovely comments! It really does make my day … Continue reading

Coq au vin chicken pie

Each season has it’s own charms and winter arriving, with cold weather and dark evenings are truly inviting for slow cooked stews and casseroles. They are full of flavor, guaranteed to give you that warm and lovely feeling whilst eating it. This time I looked at a classic, Coq au Vin, chicken cooked in red … Continue reading

Cottage cheese baked salmon

There are some things that always makes excellent left overs. Cold roast chicken on a sandwich is a treat, lamb, left over pork and salmon.  There is always something delicious you can make and if it is already cooked it will be fast as well. Today I had a piece of pan fried salmon. It was … Continue reading

Lush lunch at Berners Tavern

Every now and then a new restaurant opens and everything is just right. Berners Tavern got some fantastic reviews and all of them are so well deserved. It is a fun place, the art is plentiful, a crazy but functional chaos. Everywhere you look there is something catching your eye but it is not disturbing, … Continue reading

Salmon and cauliflower with confit egg yolk served with sauce verte

I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day and it was all about food. We tried to determine what food we use the most and would be most reluctant to let go of. Egg was high on our list, the perfect fast food, a key ingredient in delicious cakes, nutritious,  a … Continue reading

Chocolate and chestnut fondant

I have been thinking about making chocolate fondants for a while and today was the day. A friend was coming over and what better excuse? I am a firm believer that the better the chocolate, the better the result. My chocolate of choice is always Varlhorna. I didn’t have any at home so I tried … Continue reading

Beef, chorizo and cabbage ragu

It is cabbage time at the allotment. No matter how much I love any given vegetable and no matter how carefully we plant in what seems like very small batches, sometimes I seem to end up with a glut and this year everything has grown so large as well. This is how we ended up … Continue reading

Lunch with a view at the Duck and Waffle

I read about the Duck and Waffle and wanted to try it. It has one of the best views in London, being located on the 40th floor in Heron Tower. The lift is so fast it was quite fun going up. As I have a slight hint of vertigo I have to admit I did hold … Continue reading

Healthy egg baked in a rice bread basket with hot smoked salmon

The other day I saw some hot smoked salmon. It was dark in color and I had never heard of a maple syrup glaze before. I bought a small piece knowing I had to try it. I didn’t have it for dinner but when I woke up the next morning I did remember it and … Continue reading

Rice bread ravioli with truffled butternut squash filling and szechuan spiced prawns

It wasn’t long ago Whole Foods opened not far from where I live. It is like one large store full of goodies! I did pop in today and of course I got side tracked, all I wanted was a couple of veg! Inspired I ended up with a slightly odd basket with rice bread wraps, … Continue reading