Destination Berlin and Mustafas Kebab

I took a trip to Berlin at attend a conference. It was a short trip with an early start and departure from Heathrow, terminal 5. The day started with a promise of sunshine.


The flight was on time and we did indeed land in a sunny and warm Berlin. I had never been before. We passed a park full of trees with leaves the colour of fall.


I did notice a lot of rickshaws, perhaps more than in London.


I arrived just as lunch was finishing and decided to postpone lunch until after a meeting. Berlin is famous for many things, the Berlin wall, the Brandenbuger gate just to mention a couple.  It may also have the most famous kebab shop I have heard of, Mustafas Gemuse Kebab. I opted to spend my precious little spare time to head over to Mustafas and check it out. The first thing I saw when I arrived was a long line of a mix of locals and tourists waiting for their turn to order a kebab. I picked up French, Canadian, American and Norwegian whilst standing in line, it was truly international.


It was a long wait, I had been warned that almost at any time you have to wait for at least 30 minutes but 45 is quite the norm. Everyone else seems to have come prepared and were having a beer whilst waiting. It was warm in the sunshine and a lovely day. I entertained myself by watching the people around me and I even saw a couple who had arrived with their suitcases, they looked like they had come straight from the airport, or perhaps they were having one last kebab before they were off, who knows.

I got some work done whilst waiting and it was finally my turn. Mustafas image became more and more clear as I moved closer to the kebab hut.


My German is not very good but I knew I wanted a doner kebab. Mustafa’s is also famous for something as unusual as vegetarian kebabs and once I got my kebab I understood why.


My German was enough to order a kebab with everything on it, they have 3 different sauces. I couldn’t wait to tuck in as I was starving by the time the kebab was in my hand!


The bread was super fresh and lightly toasted, the kebab meat had a crispy outside and was soft and full of flavour. The salad was crisp and there was also roast vegetables. The roast vegetables added delicious flavours and I could see how, and for the first time, I liked the idea of a vegetarian kebab. Everything was crisp and fresh, there was nothing greasy at all.

I am glad I went, it is by far the best kebab I have every tasted. The wait was long but it was worth it as long as you know and next time I will bring a beer to drink whilst waiting! If Mustafa ever wanted to go International I think London would be a great place to start!

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