A girlie Saturday lunch at Yashin sushi

This year has gone so fast and I finally managed to catch up with a friend for a Saturday lunch! The last time we managed to meet was April so long overdue we headed to Yashin sushi in Kensington. They serve sushi without soy sauce. It makes for an interesting concept. After a brief hello and discussion what we wanted and how hungry and thirsty we were we started to order whilst catching up. We ordered food and a bottle of wine.

We started off with a cup of miso soup, served in an unconventional and charming cup.


Everything looked immaculate and I could not resist taking a picture of some peeled prawns.


We caught up where we left it last time with the exception of covering anything major and/or interesting that has happened lately. The miso soup was followed by a soft shell crab salad.


We couldn’t choose and opted for a couple of selections of sushi and sahimi and it was all delicious. I didn’t even miss the soy sauce!

Sushi selection 19Oct_SushiPlatter1

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like but I had one piece, tuna and crispy rice and vinegar jelly cube. I have to say it was stunning both in flavour and texture and I would go back for another piece of this alone.


The sashimi selection was delicious.


We finished it it off with some spicy salmon rolls and shared a bottle of white wine.


It was a lovely lunch and a great catch up. We felt energised and managed a couple of hours shopping after that before heading home, all up to date full of promises not to leave it so long until next time but who knows. Either way friends are never further than a phone call away!

2 Responses to “A girlie Saturday lunch at Yashin sushi”
  1. Yum! I love sushi. All of these dishes look delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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