Lunch with a view at the Duck and Waffle

I read about the Duck and Waffle and wanted to try it. It has one of the best views in London, being located on the 40th floor in Heron Tower. The lift is so fast it was quite fun going up. As I have a slight hint of vertigo I have to admit I did hold on to the hand rail but it didn’t stop me from admiring the view.

Even standing on the street looking up with was high! 15Nov_HeronTower

I did have a sneak peek at the menu before hand and the only thing I knew I really wanted to try was the duck and waffle, but the menu is very interesting. We had a great table right by floor to ceiling windows. I took a brave look to the side and could see humans the size of ants walking past on the street below and I did get used to the view after a while.


My friend arrived and after a quick catch up our attention went to the menu. Our taste is quite similar and the only thing we could not agree on was the bbq spiced pigs ears. Neither one of us had ever tried pigs ears and I clearly remember some TV program where they cooked them  but there was nothing crispy, I believe they were boiled for hours and slapped between 2 pieces of bread, looking quite grim. These pigs ears had nothing in common with the boiled pigs ears (even if they might have been pre boiled.) They arrived in a closed bag.


When we looked inside there were super thin, and very crispy slivers of bbq spiced pigs ears, just delicious and we both decided that pigs ears might not be such a bad thing after all!


We shared the dishes and it is a great way to avoid food envy!

Scottish halibut from the raw section with bluberries and pickled shimeij mushrooms. I would never have thought of using blueberries with halibut and it was interesting but I am perhaps not 100% convinced. Saying that we ate most of it.


Bread with caramelised onions, anchovy and capers arrived. It tasted a bit like fluffy pizza bread and this was a great idea as well as perfect for sharing! I must try and this a home sometimes.


The pearl barley and wild mushroom ragout with goat curd was delicious and one of our favorites.


After that we had a bit of a break, admiring the kitchen and the views, chatting away. The Duck and Waffle is the only London restaurant that is open 24/7 and I can imagine a crazy, late night snack and refill from their wine or cocktail list looking out over a night time London below.



There were 2 dishes remaining, roast Essex beetroots with goat curd and honeycomb. The beetroots were cooked with salt, the honeycomb brought out the sweet flavor and the goats curd added smoothness, a very different combination.


The last dish was the actual Duck and Waffle. again we shared it but decided that we would very happily come back for dish alone.



The waffle was not too heavy, the confit leg of duck succulent, the fried duck egg was cooked to perfection and the mustard maple syrup the perfect condiment.  We ate in silence and in complete agreement that this was a clear winner. I would have loved to try some of the cocktails from the list but we both had to get going with the thought that perhaps we should go back one evening, something in the atmosphere tells me it would be a great place for a fun evening.

2 Responses to “Lunch with a view at the Duck and Waffle”
  1. What a fantastic view! All the dishes look tasty. Wish I could have something like the Duck and Waffle right now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      I was so hungry at lunch I could have easily eaten the duck and waffle too 🙂 But it should be possible to make it at home, a great combo I had only ever heard of chicken and waffle before 🙂

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