Stuffed rib of beef with twice baked potatoes

With Christmas over and done with I still felt like the holiday spirit and after the ham and the turkey I wanted a rib of beef, a big one, on the bone. A piece of beef like that demanded good wine and good friends to share it with so the recipes below are for 6 … Continue reading

A very relaxed Christmas with friends

It was a great Christmas but slightly unconventional. I suppose it started in New York where my senses were assaulted by Christmas everywhere, in the nicest possible way. The Christmas dinner at Fjäderholmarnas Krog in Stockholm was the traditional dinner. After that it went slightly unconventional. Since I went to Stockholm I was behind and … Continue reading

Joe’s smoked pork belly with pink peppercorn stuffed portobello mushrooms

Sometimes friends gives you the best surprises. The other week I meet up with a friend over dinner, she had come down from Scotland and her husband Joe, who is also the maker of the smoked cheese I love so much, had sent some pork belly that he cooked the night before. Joe cooks the … Continue reading

Excessive, indulgent, delicious – Swedish Christmas dinner at Fjäderholmarnas Krog

I once read about an Englishman who traveled to Sweden in December. He was there over Christmas, I can’t remember why, but he was invited to a family’s home to share their Christmas dinner. His long lasting memory was the overwhelming generosity and abundance of foods. This is quite natural as Swedes go all out. … Continue reading

Salmon and veg broth

Going home from our US holiday we narrowly escaped another ice storm in Tennessee and a snow storm in New York. The flight from Nashville was delayed due to snow in New York. Once we landed it had cleared but making our way from Newark to JFK the ground was covered in snow and more … Continue reading

Christmas, New York style and a wish come true, dinner at Annisa

When I went to New York I realized that I might never, in my whole life, had made a proper effort for Christmas. Every tree I saw had more lights than I own combined, not to mention the amount of decorations. I don’t own even a candy cane, small or man sized. The tree lighting … Continue reading

A light breakfast, the eerie silence at Ground Zero and a Mexican lunch

The jetlag made me wake up early every day. I woke at 5 AM and wondered if I should just stay put or get going. At 7AM I was ready for action. Usually I am not an early morning person but as I was up I thought the natural place to go would be a … Continue reading

The first 24 hours in New York, doing the sights and eating plenty of foods

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to go to New York. I never got further than the airports before but this time I had come to stay and have a look around. It was a different kind of holiday as I was meeting lots of friends, but first I met up with … Continue reading

Pork belly cooked 3 ways including 11 1/2 hour cooked, prosecco braised pork belly

prosecco glazed pork belly

One of my favorite meats is pork belly. I love crackling and slow cooking. The meat is so lovely and the fat has tons of flavor. I usually make a dry rub and then let it cook low and slow for a couple of hours until cooked through and tender with a crispy, spicy surface. … Continue reading

Chicken and tomato pasta with asparagus

Sometimes I can wake up wanting something specific for dinner, a dish or just an ingredients. Today I woke up and thought that chicken seemed like a great idea. I didn’t get further than that and because i couldn’t make my mind up how to cook it we ended up buying 3 thighs and 1 … Continue reading