The first 24 hours in New York, doing the sights and eating plenty of foods

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to go to New York. I never got further than the airports before but this time I had come to stay and have a look around. It was a different kind of holiday as I was meeting lots of friends, but first I met up with one of my oldest and best friends from high school, C. Due to the distance we don’t meet very often but it doesn’t seem to matter, we just pick up where we left it and it feels like we had never been apart. C was also visiting New York and we managed to get about 28 hours, sadly we did have to sleep in between but it was fantastic.

We started the day with a late breakfast at Rue57 on 60 West 57th Street at 6th Avenue, a Parisian brasserie with a sushi bar.We didn’t come here for the sushi and the breakfast was delicious.


Like everywhere in New York at this time of the year the place was beautifully decorated for Christmas.


The menu appealed to all of our tastes and we started to order our brunch. We all had different egg dishes.

An omelette03Dec_Rue57Omelette

Egg Florentine 03Dec_Rue57EggFlorentine

Eggs Benedict 03Dec_Rue57EggsBenedict

Scramble eggs 03Dec_Rue57ScrambleEgg

Rue57 Home fries 03Dec_Rue57HomeFries

A plate of fruit with one extra side of bacon 03Dec_Rue57Fruit&Bacon

This is a great place to enjoy your breakfast and people watch. We of course had years to catch up on and didn’t have a lot of time for people watching. Once we were done we felt we needed to move a little and headed to Central Park. Once there I have to admit out resolve to walk had gone and we were tempted to take a horse and carriage ride!


Our driver guided us through the park whilst also giving us a great tour of what movies had been filmed where!

It was a stunning day, the weather was perfect, not a gust of wind, a pale winter sun and quite warm for the time of the year.






It was a great way to cover the whole park and get close to all the joggers, dog walkers and other New Yorkers that were out in the sunshine. After our horse and carriage ride we did what you do in New York, we walked. The destination was Times Square and it was a perfect day for walking.

We came to Times Square in the afternoon and we had a look around, they had even built a stand where we sat and just enjoyed being there.


After this it was time for a late lunch, we had breakfast so late we felt we needed a late lunch and around the corner from Times Square is Langan’s Pub and Restaurant on 150 West 47th Street between  6th and 7th Avenue.


This is a “New York” pub, a cross between a pub and a bar with a restaurant serving traditional American food. I felt I needed a little re fueling and started with a glass of lovely Pinot Noir.

03Dec_LangansWineI had this with a cobb salad 03Dec_LangansCobbSalad

We also ordered a turkey burger 03Dec_LangansTurkeyBurger

A turkey Reuben arrived and it was good but very large.


Happy and full, a few more glasses of wine later we decided to walk some more and with 62 minutes to spare we arrived at the Guggenheim museum.


The Guggenheim is not a large museum but the building is beautiful. They had an exhibition on, Christopher Wool. He is a very modern artist. My untrained eye showed me mainly angst and black emotions and this was even further set off by the room with the classics such as Cezanne and Reuben to mention a few. Even the world of Dali seemed fairly content and even harmonious in comparison but we all agreed it was a good thing we went.

In the evening we crossed the bridge to Brooklyn to Tutu’s. It was too dark for pictures but I was a little hesitant to get out of the cab when we arrived at first!


It was fine in the end and Tutu’s, recommended by  the talented Andree-Ann, the writer of the blog La voie a la bouche. It was the kind of place where you feel welcome and at home, the atmosphere very relaxed and I could easily have propped myself up by the bar and kept drinking if I didn’t feel a bit of jet lag. The  food was honest, the beetroots looked amazing and the mussels with jalapeno peppers was such a great combo I instantly wondered why I had not tasted this before!

The day went so crazy fast and we had such a great time, as always!


It was a fantastic first day and I could not wait to see more of the city the next morning!

2 Responses to “The first 24 hours in New York, doing the sights and eating plenty of foods”
  1. Celeste Cyr says:

    I need a copy of that photo of those two lovely ladies!
    Xoxo, c

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