A light breakfast, the eerie silence at Ground Zero and a Mexican lunch

The jetlag made me wake up early every day. I woke at 5 AM and wondered if I should just stay put or get going. At 7AM I was ready for action. Usually I am not an early morning person but as I was up I thought the natural place to go would be a bakery for coffee and a morning cake, a pure holiday indulgence.

The first night I had spotted a Magnolia bakery near the hotel. I had just seen the logo but I was sure they would be open early and the thought of freshly baked buns and cakes was too tempting, time to get going!


The bakery was busy and I was watching the bakers work as I ordered my coffee and refrained from ordering way too many cakes, they all looked delicious.

Cake decorators in action 03Dec_MagnoliaBakery

Cakes 03Dec_MagnoliaBakeryRedVelvet


I did settle for a small cookie and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, it was a good way to start the day.

After this we went to Soho for a walk around and to get some breakfast. I had a few options on my list but the first couple of ones were closed so we decided to just walk until we found a place. Checking out the streets we almost, but not quite walked past a place that had a simple sign outside, Bread on 20 Spring street in the Nolita area.


This was enough to make us stop and a peer through the window was enough to get us to go inside, well that and an urge for coffee and food. The place is a lot bigger than it looks and there was plenty of space for us. We were greeted by a very friendly waitress with a great sense of humor.

It was nice during the day but I can imagine that it would be fun when busy at night.


There were fresh flowers on every table


We ordered some juice, orange juice and watermelon juice. It was freshly pressed and delicious.


I ordered some ginger and lemon tea, it was so tart I might have balanced the goodness out with honey!


We ordered some food, for me, who likes to eat little and often, the portions were perfect. I find very large portions almost intimidating as I know I will never finish them.

An omelette with goats cheese and mushrooms


Avocado and egg muffin


A fruit salad


The omelette was fluffy and the muffin light. It was healthy and energizing. After breakfast it was time to walk some more, New York is a city for walking (and the odd cab ride) and we walked towards Ground Zero.

Despite a lot of people Ground Zero, or the 9/11 Memorial is a quiet place. I looked around and seeing the surrounding skyscrapers it is not possible to imagine the horror that happened not long ago and in the middle of this vibrant city.

Surrounding skyscrapers GroundZero_Skyscrapers

It is a place for contemplation, remembrance and peace.


We left the memorial site, just walking. After a while we found ourselves in West Village. It was time for lunch and we walked past a place with people who seemed happy. We looked up and it said Cafe Condesa and we were on 183 West 10th St. (off of 7th Avenue). The place was quirky and charming and the menu had a strong Mexican influence.

Art 04Dec_CafeCondesaInterior

We had some beer whilst looking at the menu.


We ordered a bottle of wine to go with the food and it was delicious.


We ordered Enchiladas de Pollo with pico de Gallo.


Crispy pork tortillas with a spicy sauce.


It was a delicious meal and we had a great time looking out at the people passing by making plans for the afternoon, they mainly consisted of walking some more and shopping in whatever shops happened to be nearby and we did find a few along the way back to the hotel and a lovely day.

6 Responses to “A light breakfast, the eerie silence at Ground Zero and a Mexican lunch”
  1. All of these cakes and foods look delicious! It makes me miss living in NYC. X

  2. Lovely round up, interesting places to go.

  3. Francesca says:

    Be sure to go to Eatily and eat loads of pastrami!!

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