Pulled gammon ham hoc and parsley sauce

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend and he mentioned ham with parsley sauce. Ever since I really wanted to make it. The only thing stopping me was the thought of making a large ham. I don’t have too much space  in the fridge and not too many evenings at home … Continue reading

A light mango chicken curry

I have a mango that needs to be used, I have looked at it for a couple of days but not had any time to cook, or even eat it. I also know I love to make a mango, chicken curry so I did have this in mind. I got 2 chicken breasts, medium size … Continue reading

Lamb shanks with tofu and spinach

We had invited friends over for a Sunday lunch and had a discussion about the food, lamb or beef? In the end I decided to cook lamb shanks. They are a great cut, not too expensive and full of flavor. They need to be cooked low and slow and you will be rewarded with fall … Continue reading

Chilli clams and spicy fries with crispy kale

Lately I noticed that I haven’t really been in the mood for much meat. I usually eat meat way too often but since I sat down and thought what I wanted to do in 2014, eating less meat is one of the goals. I am sure that you need to listen to your body so … Continue reading

Prawn and ginger ravioli with chilli, ginger and dill infused butter

I bought a small handful of lovely , raw tiger prawns. I thought they would be good for a starter. Prawns are low in fat and high in protein but some are farmed under terrible conditions for man and environment so please check origin before buying. I have been wanting to make ravioli for some … Continue reading

A fruit and berry tart

I don’t really have a sweet tooth and this is part of why I don’t make desserts very often. Well, that and the fact that I am usually to full to eat anything more after a starter and a main course. If I eat dessert I love fruit. If more restaurants had a fruit platter … Continue reading

Spiced chicken wings with hot mango sauce and Stilton baked mushrooms

It was time to travel again for business. The first stop this year was Dublin. I had some re arrangements with some meetings and ended up with some extra time over lunch. I decided to head to one of my favorite Dublin restaurants for lunch, The Blackboard Bistro. It was great to be back, the … Continue reading

48 hours in Clarksville, Tennessee and a fix of Southern cookin’

I know I don’t write an awful lot about myself on the blog, all the focus is on the food . With this trip I thought I would say I went for a year at high school in a small town called Clarksville, Tennessee. Little did I ever guess I would be placed there when … Continue reading

Mung Dal lentil risotto

The year started very slowly and then all of the sudden it all kicked off! Today was a particularly manic day and I knew I needed to clear my head. usually any cooking helps me with this but today I wanted something that demanded my attention and what better than a risotto? The gentle stir … Continue reading

Meatloaf on a rainy, windy day

All the rain and cold weather lately makes me want comfort food. I was thinking about what I wanted to eat and what I had time to make and meatloaf came up a clear winner. It is easy to make and cooks itself in the oven whilst I could finish up work, perfect. Feta cheese … Continue reading