2013 – Delicious dishes and amazing restaurants

I really believe that the older you get the faster the years go by and 2013 was no exception. There were some ups and downs but that is life! I finally went to New York and went to see my friends in Clarksville Tennesse. We explored more of Barcelona, discovered the charms of Lanzarote, a few more visits to Ireland just makes me like it more and more and Sweden always feels a bit like home away from home, being a Swedish expat.

In the UK we have discovered a new place to love, Deal, on the coat of Kent. A quaint, laid back seaside town with a glorious, and not so glorious past!

On our travels we have discovered a wealth of  new restaurants. Looking back I have been lucky and here are some of the best restaurants, and their particular dishes I’ve been to in 2013. I have been to many nice ones but these dishes were outstanding.

Annisa Restaurant

13 Barrow Street
New York, NY 10014


Dish: Black Sea Bass Sashimi with Trout Roe, Yuzu Pearls and Shiso

What worked: Soft but full of flavor, the roe added saltiness and the yuzu a citrus hit, I could eat this every day


Shanghai Blues 

193-197 High Holborn

London WC1V 7BD


Dish: The fruit plate

What worked: This is the best ever fruit plate, full of perfectly ripe, exotic fruits and simply delicious



69-73 St John Street

London EC1M 4AN


Dish: Bacon salted fries

What worked: The fries have that perfect crunch on the outside, they are soft on the inside with a bacon and salt hit in each bite.


Yashin Sushi

1A Argyll Road Kensington

London W8 7DB


Dish: Tuna on crispy rice with vinegar jelly

What worked: Soft tuna, crispy rice and the bite of the vinegar makes to a truly delicious mouthful!


Victuals & Co


Kent CT14 6TA


Dish: Loch Duart hot smoked salmon with quails eggs and green beans.

What worked: The salmon has a mild smokiness, it is tender and melts in your mouth. The quails egg is soft boiled with a runny egg yolk and crispy green beans, what is there not to like?



28 Putney High Street

London SW15 1SQ


Dish: Ravioli stuffed with potato

What worked: I wasn’t sure this would ever work and I believe the potato might have been mashed with ricotta and a hint of truffle. I never knew pasta and potato could be so good together!


The Honours

58a North Castle Street
Edinburgh EH2 3LU


Dish: Haggis bonbons

Why: This is the perfect little bite with a drink, this is the kind of bar snack that I would like in London. It is savory with the haggis flavor but without being heavy.


Abac Restaurant

Av. Tibidabo, 1

08022 Barcelona



Dish: Cooked egg yolk with potato Parmentier served two ways, Iberian cured meats, nuts, pancetta and botargo

What works: This was a dish so good it gave me goose bumps eating it! The soft mash, the Iberian cured ham, the egg yolk and the crispy cheese, it was simply outstanding.


10 Greek Street

10 Greek street

London W1D 4DH


Dish: Wild mushroom and truffle risotto

What works: This is how all risotto should be, bursting with flavor, nice and soft but with a bite and not dry and not too runny, just perfect. They split the risotto for us so we could have half a portion each and that was, for me the perfect portion.


There were other restaurants worth a mention as well, Berners Tavern for cocktails and their slow cooked lamb is falling off the bone delicious. My love of Bar Bouloud and their fantastic burgers continues. The Blackboard Bistro in Dublin is always a great place to come and my favorite Dublin restaurant. Minar Tandoori in Hampton Hill for a delicious curry. Haozan in Chinatown for delicious Chinese foods with a twist, don’t miss the wasabi prawns and their lemon chicken!

I can’t wait for 2014 to start, it will bring a lot of change I am sure and it looks to be very exciting! Thank you for following me in 2013 and I hope 2014 will be amazing!

Happy New year 2014!

2 Responses to “2013 – Delicious dishes and amazing restaurants”
  1. Francesca says:

    Your year in review looks absolutely delicious, Petra 😀

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