Flat bread pizzas, beef and Stilton, chorizo, and pepperdew and truffle salami

As much as I am keen to get started on more healthy foods after the indulgence over the holidays I still have a lot of left over than need to be eaten. We have cooked and eaten the curry so all of the turkey is gone, it was so delicious we ate a big pot in one go! I have cooked hash and with the last of the rib of beef I decided to use it as a topping for flat bread pizzas. I got some tortillas, they are round, thin and nice and a perfect lunch or snack. Tortilla pizzas are also one of my fast foods and you can put pretty much anything you have left over on there. I did three different kinds with various meats. The only preparation is the vegetables, I used spring onions and yellow paprika. For base I used tomato salsa. For the first pizza I added cubed, left over rib of beef and Stilton cheese.


The second pizza got a chorizo topping as I didn’t have any peperoni.


The third pizza got some chorizo and truffle salami along with a Welsh cheese with chilli and pepperdew, delicious. The chilli cheese gave a lovely kick. I gave all the pizzas a sprinkle of cheddar cheese on top before baking them to get that cheesy nice top.


All of the pizzas were good but quite different and we ate them in no time at all. It was quite a hearty lunch. It was a great way to use up the left overs.

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