Eight hour Bacon Rib and Maple & Chilli made me very happy

I like American food, walking one day towards Marylebone High street in London I noticed a lot of burger joints I had never seen before. Some I made a note to remember for another day but it made me have a think about American foods. Having spent some time in the USA, and in the South it made me think of the Southern specialties other than burgers and dogs, barbecue, corned beef, hash, fries chicken, ribs. Most of the southern style dishes are rich, in every sense and so naughtily delicious.

When I read about the opening of Foxlow and read about the food I knew I had to go. The menu did make me think of an American diner but with a menu on steroids in terms of taste, and with global influence. I called a friend and he was all up for it and we quickly got a date in the diary and a reservation!

The atmosphere is relaxed, I can see how it would be nice to come here for a drink and a bite, but coming here for lunch was a delicious experience! I loved the fact that we didn’t feel rushed, we had plenty of time to catch up.

I decided to have a glass of red with the food and my friend went with a pale ale.

For starter we had crispy five pepper squid


The other starter was Brixham crab with devilled mayonnaise, it was delicious and the mayonnaise had a nice edge that went very well with the crab.


For mains I could not resist the sound of eight hour bacon rib and maple and chilli.


My fried had ten hour beef shortrib with kimchi


Both meats were amazing, the bacon rib had tons of flavor with tender meat but the beef shortrib had the softest and most tender meat I have ever tasted. Those ribs came with a lot of foodie happiness and at one point we were both just smiling as the food was so delicious!

To make this even better we had skin on fries with bacon salt. I am not much of a fries person but they were delicious. I had fries before with truffle and parmesan cheese that were good but bacon salt tastes like divine inspiration!


We had a vinegar slaw to balance the richness


This is described as a neighborhood restaurant and I wonder  if I will ever be fortunate enough to live near one as good as this, but then I suspect that a daily intake of bacon fries might not be good for me in the long run. After all there is nothing stopping me going back!

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