48 hours in Clarksville, Tennessee and a fix of Southern cookin’

I know I don’t write an awful lot about myself on the blog, all the focus is on the food . With this trip I thought I would say I went for a year at high school in a small town called Clarksville, Tennessee. Little did I ever guess I would be placed there when I applied for my year abroad. When the year was over and I compared notes with a friend who had also been away, and who was placed in California, she told me that she had been placed in northern California at a chicken farm, quite remote and had been served chicken pretty much every day for the whole year and that she was never going to eat chicken again, I thought perhaps I had been better off! The only chicken I came across came in a pre made, ready to cook  microwave meal. My host mother had an OCD for cleaning and no interest in food so every week she would buy a stack of microwave meals and that was it. If my friend didn’t eat chicken, I am still reluctant to microwaved food. I didn’t stay in touch with the host family but I did meet friends for life!

Long overdue I decided to take a detour on the way home from New York and see my friends. I went there eight years ago but it was under different circumstances, this time I arrived with M and we were just going to hang out and have a great time. Not wanting to loose any time together we were picked up by our friends at the airport where we had a hug fest and all those years of not meeting just melted away.

We arrived the day after an ice storm. I had never seen the aftermath before and everything was covered in ice and it looked quite spectacular.


It was so icy the roads were almost empty. We stopped on the way back to at the Texas Road House in Clarksville Tennessee. I looked through the menu and found a few interesting items. Somehow I didn’t feel too keen on ordering this one but that was just the name! 🙂


I hadn’t gotten my quota of American foods in New York, despite eating very well, so I opted for pulled pork with mash and gravy, the only thing I missed was the coleslaw.


When I lived in Tennesee there was a barbecue shack where you could buy pulled pork and beef. All the meat was cooked in pits and out in the back you could see pipes sticking up with smoke coming up. The spicing was a secret and barbecue was the only thing you could buy but it was the best barbecue I have ever had. When I was home I used to dream about the day I would go back and didn’t stop until when my friends, 10 years later, told me that they had closed. It was very sad news and one day I will give it a go myself!

We picked up some wine and my favorite American Pinot Noir all comes from Oregon. I don’t know why this is but they tend to be soft, rounded and delicious.


We had a lot to catch up on and stayed up and talked and talked and talked. Finally my eyes gave way and I had to crash. I was reluctant to get out of bed in the morning but time was too precious and I got up and just walked around their house, being so happy to be there. It still feels a little bit like home, or maybe I was just nostalgic.

I wasn’t the only one who got up (fairly) early and I soon realized we were in for a treat, another tick in the box, a traditional southern breakfast! Mr P soon got working and the house was soon filled with delicious smells.


I could smell bacon sizzling and hash potatoes cooking


Biscuits were baking in the oven


The table was set


There was sausage gravy and eggs, sunny side up


It was delicious and my friend had even brought English tea!


With our bellies full of this fine Southern grub we headed off for a day out. We visited some sites, I had a look at how Clarksville changed, much to the better. We passed the old school and just had a great day together. The coating of ice was just as spectacular in the daytime.


In the afternoon we stopped for a snack. The portions were so large we only needed two between four of us! Some black bean hummus and soft pretzels went down very well with the traditional Budweiser.

Soft pretzels Clarksville_Pretzels

We headed home and their neighbor, whom we meet earlier, joined us for dinner. It was rib night and the neighbor had brought beef ribs and our friends had pork ribs. The neighbors wife  is Korean and also sent over some home made kimchi. This might have been the last place I expected to get a treat like this!


My friend did the best coleslaw Clarksville_Coleslaw

We drank plenty of margaritas whist the ribs were cooking.

Beef ribs Clarksville_BeefRibs

Pork ribs Clarksville_Ribs

It was a great evening. The only remaining time we had was in the morning when we headed in to Nashville to have a look around and we went for a last breakfast at the Cracker Barrel where I ticked the very last box and had some grits. The breakfast was good but not as good as Mr P’s, maybe the love in the food was missing!

It was a sad goodbye at the airport and I wished that we had another day. Saying that we were so lucky to get out, there was another ice storm arriving and when we changed in New York it was snowing heavily and we were one of the last planes to take off. It was a great trip, lots of laughter and love, it was great spending time with great friends, for life for sure!


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