Fresh seabass with potato risotto and a rhubarb & red onion chutney

The reason I have been a bit quiet lately is that I moved house. I have moved many times in my life but I think that this time I had managed to accumulate more processions than ever.  It was quite interesting to go through everything and needless to say, the kitchen content was vast. We … Continue reading

Three meat ragu and cheesy mash for Valentines day

Valentines day was coming up, I had some vague plans but before I knew it, the date was here. I am not a big fan of going out to eat and it had been a manic week. In the end I made it just before the butcher closed. I had a look around and my … Continue reading

A visit to Smithfield market, my local butcher and why shop local

I have seen quite a few ads and articles for Shop Local campaigns. There seems to be a few different ones but the main aim is to support local, independent shops and by doing that, the local economy. I love high streets that have a diverse range of shops, not just the main stream brands. … Continue reading

Ginger infused chicken and mushroom soup

I bought a whole chicken and I wanted to make two things, a chicken stock and roast chicken, of some sort. I cut up the chicken and took all the small bits and pieces for the stock. I had a look through the fridge and came up with some vegetables, mushrooms and a good handful … Continue reading

Bacon and herb crusted cod

Once on a cooking program the focus was on bacon. One of the food critics called it “natures perfect food” and I have to agree. I love the rich, salty taste and how it goes with pretty much everything. Saying that I haven’t tried it with a dessert but perhaps that is for a reason. … Continue reading

Chicken wings with sweet potato fries and blue cheese

The other night I tried to stay up and watch Superbowl. I didn’t make it to the end but I was longingly thinking of American foods in general and chicken wings in particular! I couldn’t resist going to Robson’s Butcher to buy some wings and some Roquefort from their deli, no chicken wings without the … Continue reading

Tomatillo and spinach pesto

I am usually not hungry at all in the morning but the other day I woke up hungry! I went to Whole Foods on my way to work to get a yogurt and some fruit for the day. I soon realized this was a bad idea as I got sidetracked by just about everything. I … Continue reading