Barbecue lamb chops with stuffed mushrooms, a spicy guaccamole and sausages

The weekend was the first proper warm weekend. It wasn’t quite short sleeve weather but close and I could feel summer in the air! We went for a walk in some woods nearby. The grounds belong to an abbey and I wasn’t sure I could pick anything but we did come across some very tempting … Continue reading

Silken tofu and zucchini pancakes for brunch

I woke up this morning and got the surest sign of summer I get every year, the start of hayfever season! The sneezing, the tiredness and the runny nose. My body panics and believe I am under (pollen) attack and only a large amount of antihistamines works as a weapon against this! As I was … Continue reading

Crispy silken tofu in ginger broth with watercress pesto

It was a beautiful day and despite a busy day the dogs and I went for a walk on the beach. It was quite warm in the sun and we decided to sit down and just look out over the sea and enjoy the sunshine. We sat down with a nice view over the pier, … Continue reading

Roast pork with ginger wine jus and watercress pesto

No matter how much I miss Robson’s Butcher they are too far away for my every day shop. I can still go there when I am visiting friends with my cool bag (and I fully intend to!) but meanwhile I have found Gibsons Farm Shop. It was recommended and we went there to have a … Continue reading

Dinner from the sea with cod and feta cheese dumplings

The past week went so fast! I did a quick trip to Dublin and discovered some very nice take away sushi there. I had some good meetings and managed to see my friend as well! I didn’t get back home until quite late. We had friends coming for the weekend the following morning but I … Continue reading

Plaice with rhubarb vinaigrette and feta baked potatoes

There was a lot of fog last week. It caused chaos at the London airports and we got our fair bit here as well. The thick fog made the world a slightly more quiet place. We went to the beach for a walk as there was a hazy sunshine and it was beautiful. The tide … Continue reading

Vindaloo inspired ribs with a crunchy, sour salad

After three weeks I am still discovering things to do and places to eat here. This weekend, at the market was a stall that caught my attention. It was a small stall selling meats and sausages that looked delicious. I bought some fennel and garlic sausages and some bacon for brunch and it was a … Continue reading

Pancetta wrapped garlic and chilli prawns and a gorgeous sunrise

Something has changed lately. I have, for as long as I can remember, found it hard to get up in the morning. It might be the change, the fresh air or anything really but I keep waking up early. The other day I woke up at 6.02 am and it was impossible to get back … Continue reading

A prawn starter and a new fish, huss with veg and guaccamole

I have to admit I still haven’t found a butcher here that I have taken to and I am missing Robson’s Butcher in Hampton Hill. I am sure I will eventually find one but it seems to take time. To counter that there are some absolutely amazing fishmongers, making it easier to buy fresh fish. … Continue reading

Smoked mackerel with garlic roast potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli and spinach

Cooking at home can be just as quick as getting a take away and this dish took 30 minutes to cook and was a quick, healthy and delicious dinner. A lot of my friends shy away from cooking fish so buying smoked mackerel is brilliant. Mackerel is a healthy and cheap fish, here are some … Continue reading